Your Guide to a Complete Home Makeover

By on March 11, 2019
Home Makeover

Redesigning the areas in your home might prove to be a challenging task that will take weeks of preparation and maybe even months of installation. To keep your priorities in check, here are some tips to keep your home makeover a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Reassessing your current wares

Though you might be tempted to start from scratch, you should always consider if what you have can be reused or re-purposed. If there’s nothing wrong with your current furniture then maybe it’s not about purchasing a new full set of chairs and tables, but perhaps it’s more about the placement and the floor plan. Keep a catalog of your furniture and have a clipboard in hand to categorize which items you can keep and which of them you should let go.

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Buying sustainable materials

A home makeover doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to punch a hole in your wallet. Being in the job of designing and developing homes, interior designers make it their priority to provide you with a quote that matches their design’s specifics. But you can allow yourself to take note of their plan while keeping your budget limited to your specifications.

Instead of buying genuine hard leather, for example, you can purchase cheap knockoff materials in the market that are sustainable and reasonably cost-efficient. Just because it isn’t the real thing doesn’t mean it won’t serve you well. Flooring expenses can also be mitigated by buying stick-on floor tiles such as vinyl which can replicate patterns from other materials. A makeover isn’t always about spending the most that you can, but it’s about being as smart as you can with what little you have.

Stick to themes

Themes are excellent ways to keep a room engaged and uniform. You can play around with different forms of implementing themes. Popular choices would be sticking to one primary material for your home which could be glass, wood, or marble. Besides the material options, you can also look towards matching the color palettes of your home. Catalog websites such as Kuldea function in the same manner as Amazon or eBay, but they focus instead on the market of furniture and connecting suppliers and manufacturers with customers directly. Having a mix of the two can bring out the personality and style of a well-designed room.

Free up spaces

Free spaces are an integral part of a room’s effect. You might have elegant furniture placed throughout the room, but if it prevents you from casually walking around, then you might be hoarding too many pieces for the sake of it. Not only will more furniture make it harder for you to clean your home, but you’ll also be looking at multiple items to dust come spring time.

Floor spaces are excellent solutions to bringing some air into your rooms as they’re great for re purposing the areas of your rooms from extending your dining area to reshuffling your living room setup. The freedom of having more spaces to move your furniture around is a great benefit to consider when hosting parties or events.


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Your Guide to a Complete Home Makeover