Can God Use Ordinary?

By on April 23, 2012

By Laurie L. Webb –

Ordinary…you know – common, unexceptional – one might even say boring! The question is “can God use ordinary?” Well, let’s ask David, Joseph, and Gideon. All pretty ordinary individuals.

David’s Dad didn’t even take him along when Samuel asked for Jesse’s sons so that one of them could be anointed King. David was the little ruddy kid, out tending sheep because even his own Dad thought he was not extra-ordinary enough to be King.

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Joseph’s own brothers thought him to be a little braggart and a nuisance. They hated him enough that they sold him into slavery while telling his father that he was killed. He was a slave and falsely imprisoned. How could God use a common criminal?

Gideon stated himself that his clan was the weakest and that he was the least in his father’s house. Even Gideon knew he was ordinary!

What can God do with ordinary? 

Read the Book!

David was a man after God’s own heart. He was a great warrior and King. Joseph was second in command in Egypt. Only Pharaoh was above him. Gideon and his clan of 300 defeated the Midianites. All ordinary to the human eye, but God saw the extraordinary. The willingness to heed God’s Word and act upon it. The humility that said God gets the glory, not me! The willingness to forgive when revenge was within grasp. Not attitudes of the ordinary but of the extra-ordinary – above and beyond ordinary – greatness – uncommon men of God!

So next time you say “I’m too ordinary to do anything of worth” remember the trio of ordinary men that changed the course of their world. Remember God sees what others don’t. If God called you to it, He’s just God enough to bring you through it! If He sent you, you have all the power necessary to change the course of your world. God is not looking for exceptional, extraordinary, or mighty. He is looking for you! God doesn’t need someone who believes he/she is so great that they don’t need God. He wants people like me and you, who know that if God doesn’t show up that we are in trouble because we can do nothing of ourselves.

No talent…no problem! No exceptional wisdom…that’s okay! God has all the talent, gifts, wisdom…that will ever be needed! He just needs ordinary, willing men and women!

Don’t look now…but that’s you!

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Can God Use Ordinary?