God Is Without Limits

By on January 8, 2014
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By Andrea Sharp –

Struggling to make ends meet, a young, single mom wonders just how she and  her precious daughter will make it. The heavy fog that encases the neighborhood  matches her mood perfectly. Dreary, depressing and with no sun in sight Janice  (not her real name) cries out to God for help and assurance.

As a single mom, Janice often worried if she was meeting all the needs of her  daughter, Brittani. (Not her real name). Janice often felt inept and unqualified  for the daunting task God had blessed her with in raising a daughter.  Insecurities flooded her heart. This gift of motherhood was unlike any treasure  she possessed. Brittani was her life and she dedicated all she had to her.  Janice wanted so badly to be a good mom, but she often found herself questioning  her abilities.

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She is thankful for the meager paying job she has, but she’s also frustrated  because this is not the position she been educated for. Filling out applications  and having had interviews have led nowhere for over a year. Christmas is fast  approaching. “Lord, what will I do? I have nothing to give Brittani. Please show  me the way and help us through”, she prayed.

One day while at work a woman walked into Janice’s workplace. The woman was  well dressed and had a cheerful attitude. She smiled frequently and was very  polite. She ordered the materials she needed and paid Janice for her supplies.  Expressing thankfulness for Janice’s service, she walked out the door.

A few minutes later the cheerful customer reappeared. Janice thought maybe  she’d made a mistake with her order. The woman simply smiled at Janice and said,  “God’s told me I need to tell you some things.” Janice stared wide eyed at the  woman. Was she for real, she wondered?

The woman began, “God wants you to know you’re a good mother. Although you  question yourself, God doesn’t. He knows you’ve doubted yourself and He knows  you worry about meeting her needs. God is proud of you and appreciates your  heart in being all you can for her. I know you’re struggling financially. God  wants you to know things will get easier very soon. Your needs will be met.” By  this time Janice’s eyes were filled with tears. This woman she’d never met was  telling her the very burdens Janice had in her heart. With awe and wonder,  Janice thanked the woman, who was soon on her way.

Within the next two weeks the county position that Janice had been trying to  obtain for over a year called and offered her a full time position.

To this day, Janice has never seen the woman again. She often wonders if this  was an angel sent by God or a modern day prophet obeying God’s heed to speak as  she was told.

The Bible says in Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither  are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. God is not limited by time, people,  places, events or hearts. He IS, and always has been. He knows what has been and  what will be. He is all knowing, all loving and cares deeply for the heart  concerns of every one of his children, whether or not they acknowledge Him. God  is without limits.

Whatever you are facing today, your heart cries are being heard. Trust in the  Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your  ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6  NIV.

Andrea Sharp is an inspirational speaker, teacher and author who truly  connects with the hearts of everyone she teaches. Andrea’s gift of encouraging  and uplifting audiences is seen in her delightful, engaging and humorous style.  Andrea’s inspirational message of finding balance and tranquility in a hectic  life has been communicated at conferences, retreats, workshops, college and high  school classes.


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About Andrea Sharp

Andrea Sharp is an inspirational speaker, author, teacher, and life/health coach who truly connects with the hearts of everyone she touches through her infectious smile and genuine personality. Andrea has been married for twenty-three years to her college sweetheart, Matt. They have been blessed with three sons, Clay, Jaden and Landon. Andrea’s book, ‘Seeds of Encouragement’ is a compilation of short stories. Her second book of which she co-authors, ‘Getting Well: Mind, Body and Spirit’ will be released in March, 2013. Her website: http://sharpwomen.com/.

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God Is Without Limits