What To Do If Your Gluten Issue Is Celiac Disease!

By on November 11, 2011

By Mindy Kannon –

So what if you have Celiac disease? When gluten reaches a Celiac’s small intestinal wall, their immune systems jumps into action in a big way. It causes the intestinal wall to get inflamed and the villi to become irritated and damaged. Without functioning villi you become malnourished which then affects the functioning of your body and mind. Celiac Disease is suspected of being a hereditary base condition so if you have a family member that has it you are more than likely to also experience this issue. This gene has always been pretty common but the hyper increase in the gluten in our wheat and the explosion of wheat consumption has sent our immune systems into a tail spin.

To diagnose Celiac you need to go see a GI specialist. There are several blood tests that can be taken. Do at least two as they can be inconclusive if done alone. The definitive test is a small intestine biopsy. The biopsy tissue is obtained through a fiber endoscope tube which the patient swallows. The piece of tissue is taken from the small intestines in several places. The patient is mildly sedated and feels little discomfort. There is also a test called a rectal challenge that measures the rectal response to gluten. For celiac this response is distinct and can separate celiac from those with intolerances.

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Once diagnosed with Celiac, in order to protect your health, you need to become a super food detective. Gluten can appear in many foods and go by names that are not readily recognizable. Celiac sufferers need to know what to look for and question anything suspicious. There is a lot of information as to the presence of gluten in products on the manufacture’s websites. I have also emailed a couple of companies to obtain information as to the contents of a few of their products. Luckily these days, gluten-free products are much more readily available and clearly labeled. Just go into Whole Foods and you will be encouraged at how easy it is to find what you like in a gluten-free form.

Another issue that need to be addressed is how to set up your “shared” kitchen with your non gluten-free family. Cross contamination can really be an issue. 1/8 teaspoon of gluten will cause damage to a Celiac’s intestines. There are really easy ways to set up as well as function in a kitchen that utilizes both gluten and non-gluten foods. With some education and a little assistance you can ease into a healthier way of eating that will insure that you will get the nutrients that you need and keep your body running in tip-top shape!


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Mindy Kannon is a Holistic Digestive Health Coach. She is a passionate foodie that previously worked as a natural foods personal chef. She has a BA from Pennsylvania State University in Social and Behavioral Sciences and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her mission is to help busy women achieve good digestive health, with food they are passionate about and a balanced lifestyle. She coaches individual clients throughout the country and offers small group telecoaching programs and digestive membership clubs that will help you regain your health, energy and zest for life. You deserve to be Healthy! For more information or to join in the delicious fun, go to her website at: http://www.mindykannon.com/

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What To Do If Your Gluten Issue Is Celiac Disease!