Gift Your Grandma a Baby-Inspired Piece of Jewelry

By on February 28, 2019

Grandmothers are God’s gift to children. They say that grandparents live longer when they are in the presence of their grandkids. And it must be true, as kids bring all the joy – and sometimes chaos – in the family. And children bring members of the family closer together. When there is a new baby in the family, everyone is excited, but no one is more excited than the parents than the grandparents. Most times, grandmothers make cute little knitted mittens, booties, and hats for their grandkids, but what if they receive something that represents their grand kids? birthstone


Bracelets and necklaces with the baby’s birthstone are a great gift for a grandma. If you have more than one child, you can put all of their birthstones in one piece of jewelry so that their grandma will always have a piece of them with her wherever she goes. Not only are birthstones symbolic; they are also very aesthetic. Different colors of birthstones will make a rather plain gold or silver chain or band more vibrant and pop.

Foot and handprint pendant and charm

Some jewelers can make a baby handprint necklace. You can have your baby’s hand or footprint printed on a pendant or a charm for a bracelet to give your mom or mother-in-law. They will be so happy to receive a little hand or footprint of their grandchild that they can wear every day.

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Have a personalized locket made from quality material. You can put your child’s photo in the necklace to give to your mom. Having a picture of her grandchild close to her heart will make her happy. A locket pendant is also a beautiful accessory to any outfit, and who says grandmas can’t rock a pretty and preppy outfit?

Dainty rings

Rings with personalized designs make for great accessories, not to mention the symbol behind them. You can give your children’s grandmother a ring that has a sentimental meaning related to your children, such as their star sign or a symbol of a small child.


A brooch is one piece of jewelry that your kids’ grandmother will love. A baby-designed clasp is the perfect gift on any occasion, or even without one. She can wear it with any outfit. Just one click to her top, and she’s good to go. A brooch is also a timeless and classic accessory anyone can have. You may have a personalized one made for the special woman in your family, or you can pick from ready-made ones that will have a meaningful symbol for the grandchildren and the grandmother.

The possibilities are endless when you think of a beautiful gift for your children’s grandmother. After all, grandmas will never refuse anything that has a connection to their beloved grand kids, whether it is a piece of jewelry or a simple knick-knack to remind them that they have grandchildren. A gift becomes more meaningful if you put thought and effort into it.

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Gift Your Grandma a Baby-Inspired Piece of Jewelry