Getting Younger While Getting Older

By on September 7, 2013
Frances Bavier and Christie Brinkley

By Scarlett DeBease –

So how lucky are we to be getting older while clearly getting younger at the same time?

Just look at Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffiths TV show, played by Frances Bavier, compared to Christie Brinkley. Both woman are close to 60 years old in these pictures, but look more like mother and daughter than birthday milestone partners.

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Women, and men as well, no longer sit back and accept looking older as the way it must be. We cover up those grey hairs, shape our brows, lift those breasts, whiten our teeth, wear our hair down, avoid the pearl necklaces which can emphasize the rings around our necks, use better skincare, avoid the sun, exercise, try to eat healthy, and lastly no longer dress like our mothers and grand-mothers.

Yup, I’m happy to be getting younger while getting older too!

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Getting Younger While Getting Older