Get your Summer Glow – With These Priceless Beauty Tips

Summer glow

We all love the golden summer glow that we get from the summer sun but that’s not all there is to look the best we can as we age. “My amazing beauty tips, tailored to women 50+, will jump-start your summer and are guaranteed to keep you looking as young as you feel,” says, Anti Aging expert Andrea Warshaw Wernick.

12 Must-Do Youthful Beauty Tips:

1) Add serum into your daily routine

To get the highest levels of wrinkle-fighting ingredients. By using a Vitamin C serum along with your face cream, you are boosting the power of the wrinkle-fighting ingredients found inside. For the best results, use serums twice a day before you apply face cream and/or sunscreen. I love the serum and honestly think it’s the BEST way to keep your face, neck and décolleté hydrated.

2) Change your lip color to a lighter shade

For an instantly younger, more youthful mouth. To get the look of a fuller lip, add a dab of gloss to the middle of both your upper and lower lips. If you must line your lips use a natural color within your lip line never over it.

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3) Sunblock is a must!

Even in the winter, or on overcast days when the weather is cold. The sun will get you all the time even if you don’t see it. To prevent that contact lather -up 20 min before you leave the house.  Ladies, don’t forget to generously apply to the back of your hands.  Old hands are the first telltale sign of aging!

4) The sun is strongest between the hours of 12pm. and 3p.m,

Be especially careful during this time period. Try to stay out of the direct sun during those times and wear a hat and a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses can help prevent future wrinkles!

5) Your skin isn’t the only target for the sun to devastates.

When you’re outdoors, your hair is also exposed to the sun, and the sun sucks the life out of hair. It takes its moisture, shine, and volume down to nothing. Look for hair products with added sunblock that you can spray onto your hair that will protect it from the sun. You might also want to try putting your hair in a ponytail or updo when you know you’ll be in the sun for extended amounts of time or you can always wear a hat!

6) Use self-tanning lotion or tan towels on your legs to hide unsightly veins, cellulite, and give the legs a smoother+ thinner look.

If you’re afraid of not blending the lotion in all of the ways, follow up with a highly absorbing lotion; this will help to even outlines that might have been left from the tanning lotion. (Definitely apply on your elbows and knees.) For an allover tan that looks like you’ve been to the beach, put self-tanning lotion/tan towels on before going to bed, and remember to let it dry( a dusting of baby powder helps). When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a tan without ruining your skin by the harmful sun rays. It’s actually a great mood elevator!

7) Use a cream highlighter or highlighter pencil in the corners of your eyes.

This will create the illusion of wide and bright eyes that don’t look tired. Always make sure you wear concealer, one shade lighter than the skin under your eyes to cover dark shadows and keep your eye-area looking young.

8) Use an illuminating tinted moisturizer with an SPF to create a natural glow

Cover imperfections on your face and chest. Avoid using any loose face powder. Loose powder sinks into your wrinkles and adds years to your skin. Brush on a cake bronzer in the area where the sun hits your face and then a bit of crème neutral color blush onto your checks.

9) Apply your black mascara, then go over it with blue mascara.

It won’t look blue, however, the blue hues in your lashes will give the illusion of having sparkling white eyes, which gives the appearance of youth. Also, always curl your lashes so that you look awake.  If you heat your eyelash curler with a blast from your blow dryer, you will get a better curl that lasts all day.

10) Buy firming body creams and moisturizers that include seaweed, caffeine, ginseng, and mushroom extract.

Firming and keeping your skin toned is a huge part of looking and staying young. The best time to apply firming body creams is, in the morning after showering and every night. Remember to only shower in lukewarm water and always apply your crème when your skin is still damp. By doing that you will lock moisture into your skin!

11) Put your eye cream and moisturizers in the fridge to keep them cool 

Cooling makes these products even more effective. When you wake up in the morning, your eyes can be puffy and dark; but once you massage the cool, soothing lotions and creams onto your face, the puffiness will disappear. The cold temperature of the fridge will not only benefit your eyes and face but also give your product longer shelf life.

12) Experiment with your hair and makeup! 

Most of us will be covering up grey hair so there is no harm in trying highlights or lowlights. You can even grow your hair long or get bangs? When you change up the way you look, it is an automatic mood boost, which we all can use!

New York City lifestyle and anti-aging coach, Andrea Warshaw Wernick is dedicated to helping mature women live better. Andrea’s tips and advice on beauty, health, fitness, and relationships are inspirational. Her number one tip is to “keep on moving” to look and feel your best.

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Get your Summer Glow – With These Priceless Beauty Tips
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