How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep in A Hot Climate

By on May 26, 2019

It’s not so easy to get your beauty sleep when you live in a hot climate – even when we do the universal one-leg out the blanket move. The heat can keep you tossing and turning all night long while the humidity makes you stick to the covers. Even opening a window isn’t a solution as the overnight temperature can stay the same and may even increase in humidity. Of course, there is air conditioning – but many people don’t like to sleep with the air con on all night long. Exposure to air conditioning for consecutive hours can dry out your skin, your nose, and your throat. You soon end up sounding as bad as you feel.

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The good news is that you don’t have to choose between bags under your eyes or a croaky throat. There are other ways that you can manage to claim your ticket to dreamland after a day of hard work, without switching on the costly air conditioning. So, jump into your pajamas and let’s find out about three of the best.

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What Is the Optimum Temperature for Sleeping?

Before we do look into the best ways to sleep well in the hotter months, we should first discuss what the optimum temperature is for sleeping. It is suggested that most of us will drift off easier in a room with a temperature between 16- and 18-degrees Celsius.

You may have noticed that these temperatures are below the average room temperature. This is because the body needs to be slightly cooler to initiate sleep. Therefore, the temperature of the room is extremely important with regard to getting to sleep. Any temperature outside of this range – lower or higher – reduces your chances of switching off. Moreover, temperatures outside this range can inhibit the quality of sleep you experience if you do manage to nod off.

Tip #1 – Strategically Place A Fan

We already discussed why air conditioning is not the most ideal solution for some people. Telling you to grab a fan and blow it all over yourself instead isn’t going to prevent you from getting a cold either. However, a fan has an advantage over air conditioning because a fan can be made to target a certain area of your body. Unlike air conditioning, you can place a fan in a strategic position to blow cold air on your feet. This will cool you down – albeit not as well as air conditioning will – but you are also less likely to become sick from it.

Tip #2 – Get the Right Mattress and Covers

If you haven’t already got a summer bedding set, then it’s time to get one. There are many types of doonas available that are lighter to make you sweat less and stay cooler. The same goes for your pillows. But one of the biggest parts of our bedding is also capable of keeping you cooler – and it’s one of the most overlooked when trying to reduce your body temperature.

Your mattress can play a monumental part in achieving deep sleep. One of the best mattresses for regulating your body temperature at night is the Sydney mattress. This mattress has been designed with open-cell and breathable foam, and it has been added with perfectly-positioned holes to keep you cool all night.

Tip #3 – Cold Towels

When the winter chill bites in certain territories, people reach for their hot water bottles and make their bed toasty. In the summer and in humid climates, there is not a very well-known equivalent for the hot water bottle. In fact, this is wrong. There is an equivalent and it involves a hand towel, water, and a freezer.

Take a small hand towel and drench it in water before putting it in the freezer. Do this a few hours before going to bed so you can be assured that the towel becomes frozen. Now take your frozen hand towel to bed and put it on your forehead. It might make your pillow slightly damp overnight but the good night’s sleep you get in return will make it totally worth it.

There are many other methods to try and reduce your body temperature and get a well-rested night. However, the three top tips mentioned above combine effectiveness with uniqueness. Not only will they keep you cool, but they are also more likely to be methods that you have not considered before.



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How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep in A Hot Climate