Does Fruit Really Help Fight Off those Colds and Coughs?

By on January 30, 2019
Fruit for your Immune System

If you are in the middle of a cold or cough epidemic in your house, you might wonder when on earth it will end. When one person brings home a bug, it can quickly spread around the family causing weeks of misery. It is around this time when you wonder what you can do to help your family fight off these bugs. Many doctors and dietitians agree that eating fruit and vegetables can help ward off a cold, or at least give your immune system that boost to fight it off sooner.

It is important to remember that different fruits provide different benefits, and it is a good idea to take a proactive approach to the flu season (i.e. start eating fruit in advance, rather than as soon as you get a cold.) Here are 5 fruits you might want to add to your shopping list:

Blueberries – As discussed on, blueberries are filled with antioxidants that can help treat and prevent coughs and colds. A recent study showed that consuming flavonoids — a type of antioxidants found in blueberries — made adults 33 percent less likely to catch a cold than those who did not eat flavonoid-rich foods.

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Tomatoes – Did you know that tomatoes contain a high concentration of vitamin C? People who don’t like oranges (known for the vitamin C) might want to reach for a tomato instead. Science has shown that just one medium sized tomato contains over 16 milligrams of vitamin C.

Apples – According to Fruitful Office, a fruit delivery company, apples are rich in pectin, which acts as an antioxidant in the fight for colds and coughs. They also say that “Apples also contain Vitamin A which helps your vision – handy for all those hours sitting in front of the computer screen. Finally, due to a compound named Procyanidin B-2, apples have also been shown to help slow ageing-related problems, preventing wrinkles and promoting hair growth.”

Cherries – We all know that to help fight a cough or cold, you need to get some decent shut-eye. Research shows that cherries contain a rich source of melatonin, which helps to improve sleeping patterns.  So, have a few cherries before bed, and you may well sleep better, waking up more refreshed. Researchers also believe that 20 cherries are 10 times as strong as an aspirin. This is because of “anthocyanins” which are found in cherries – a chemical that block inflammatory enzymes, helping to reduce pain from coughs or congestion with a cold. 

Bananas- According to NDTV foods, a type of protein found in bananas – called banana lectin or BanLec – has the power to overcome viruses and could even stop the HIV virus from getting into cells. In lab tests, this drug prevented mice from getting flu.

So, along with a healthy and balanced diet, it seems fruit really can help cure those bugs this winter season – so make sure you stock up now!


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Does Fruit Really Help Fight Off those Colds and Coughs?