Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Year

By on December 1, 2013
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Most people live life according to an external set of circumstances (life just happens to them), rather than managing their own life. We have all done this by following the norm’s of our ‘chosen’ crowd – whether that be 1000 students in a revivalist school or the rebel crowd in a local high school. Danny Silk says the definition of freedom is, “I tell me what to do and I do it.” So how free are you? How much of what you are doing is because you have chosen to do that, or are you living the same as everyone around you – just following your crowd?  Here’s four keys to take ownership of your life and make the most of the coming year. This was originally written for students in Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, but the same applies everywhere.

Be Intentional – What Do YOU Want?

If you  have few options is not hard to make decisions. When you are surrounded by an abundance of options it becomes really difficult; you need to know what it is you want and protect those priorities.

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We live in a society with an ABUNDANCE of options. If you don’t intentionally decide what you want to do, you will be influenced by what others are doing or just run from opportunity to opportunity trying to grasp as many things as possible. Either way, in the end you may miss the very thing you entered this year for.

Take some time now and decide what the most important things are that you want out of this year. Maybe there are a large number. If so, go through them and rate them from 1-10, where 10 is ‘I cannot leave this year without doing this.’ Use that of priorities to help decide what you will invest your time into.

Build Your Anchor and Supply Line

When you are in a student and revival environment, away from the responsibilities of a 9-5 job, the lifestyle can be deceiving. There is an energy and momentum in the crowd and in the environment that has been built for years. It’s like the whirlpools we make in the swimming pool as kids. If you stop your own walk, you will continue to be carried by the momentum of the environment. Don’t be deceived into thinking that because you are moving you are really growing.

Be careful to protect and prioritize your own daily disciplines of building a personal connection with God – alone. It is a lot easier to build a strong habit of connection and intimacy with God (anchor and supply line) when there is little pressure than when you are under a lot of pressure and everything is being challenged.

NOW is always the best the time to develop your anchor so that when you ‘sail’ out from here into the big oceans of the world, you will be able to thrive regardless of the storms you go through.

Risk – Face Your Greatest Fears

Now is also the best time to face whatever you fear the most. Dont wait for them to come to you, run at them. When you are surrounded by countless individuals all in pursuit of God, the momentum and faith they add to you is unstoppable. Take advantage of that. What is it you are most afraid of? Gather some close friends, share with them and then run at it. Whether that is talking to the most beautiful girl on campus, asking your hero in life for an interview or risking praying for a total stranger, just do it.

There are two kinds of failure. One type of failure happens in the midst of an attempt to do something eg. I missed a shot I took in basketball or I prayed for a dead person and nothing happened. The other failure is the failure to act – I wanted do, but I did nothing. Don’t be caught with regrets, do it now. What would you do today if you were fearless? Connect with the Father, allow His love to chase away the fear, connect with some friends to encourage and keep you accountable, then run at it as fast as you can!

Value the Unseen – Hidden Things Have Greater Value

Behind every great public person is an army of hidden geniuses at work. They are the executive assistants, custodians, elders, patriarchs and intercessors who make everything work. Be intentional to notice those people and give them honor. Seek out the people that are behind the scenes and buy them a coffee to learn their story. Talk to custodian about where he has come from and what he has learned or observed. Talk to one of your leaders assistants. Ask them how they got to be doing what they are doing. Ask them how they would suggest you make the most of your year. You will be amazed at what you hear and what you learn.

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Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Year