Four “Safety Superstar” Cars for Women Over 50

By on February 15, 2021

Safety should always be a primary concern when shopping for a new vehicle—especially as we grow older. It doesn’t matter how confident you feel about your driving skills; CDC stats show we’re more likely to crash the older we get. New research out of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also suggests women need to pay extra attention to the security system of their cars.     

 According to IIHS analysts, female drivers are more vulnerable to crash-related injuries than men. Some common injuries that women over 50 are especially prone to include traumatic brain injury, neck injuries, lower back injuries, and fractures.

While there’s still debate over why this is the case, it’s most likely related to the types of cars women prefer. Typically, women drive lighter vehicles like SUVs, which offer less protection than heavier trucks.   

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 Thankfully, auto manufacturers are now using the latest technological innovations to make their vehicles as safe as possible. Not only are today’s cars safer in the event of a crash, but many also have motion sensors and automatic braking systems to prevent accidents from happening.

 However, just because more cars have hi-tech features doesn’t mean they’re all equally safe. Below, we’ll reveal a few of the highest-ranking car models in terms of safety.  

 The Safest Car Models for Female Drivers Over 50

 Genesis G70, G80, or G90

 If you’re in the market for a safe and stylish luxury brand, look no further than Genesis. This division of Hyundai consistently earns high praise from the IIHS for its impeccable safety standards.  

 Whether you opt for the G70, G80, or G90, you will enjoy many advanced features, including a 10-airbag system, blind-spot detection, and navigation-based Smart Cruise Control. Genesis models also have headlights that automatically adjust to provide superior visibility without creating glare. While Genesis cars are pricey, they’re undoubtedly one of the safest brands on today’s market.

 Tesla Model 3

 Tesla’s Model 3 gets a lot of press amongst environmentalists, but did you know it has a fantastic safety score? Indeed, the NHTSA recently gave this “electrifying” car a perfect five-star safety rating. The IIHS also included Tesla’s 2020 Model 3 in its prestigious “Top Safety Pick Plus” category.

 A significant reason for Tesla’s safety success has to do with its superior motion-sensing technology. While Tesla cars aren’t fully autonomous, the company is heavily invested in self-driving technology. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of motion sensors and dashcams in Tesla vehicles like the Model 3. Add in the automatic braking system, lane assist, and blind-spot monitors, and you could see why Tesla earns such high safety marks.   

 Hyundai Santa Fe

 Customers looking for a safe and affordable SUV should look no further than Hyundai’s 2020 Santa Fe. This spacious model boasts a five-star rating from the NHTSA as well as IIHS “Top Safety Pick” status.

 A few features Santa Fe drivers enjoy include lane-keeping assistance and blind-spot detection. Hyundai’s Santa Fe also has Hill-Start Assist control, which helps prevent your car from rolling back on steep climbs. As if that wasn’t enough, the Santa Fe has a Safe Exit Assist technology that locks passenger doors when they detect approaching vehicles.   


 The Japanese manufacturer Mazda has a stellar reputation in the safety department. In fact, Mazda is one of the few companies to have earned IIHS’s coveted “Top Safety Pick” or “Top Safety Pick Plus” designations for all of their models.

 Although you should feel safe driving any Mazda model, the Mazda6 is a fantastic pick for customers looking for an affordable mid-sized vehicle. A few of the Mazda6’s many safety features include forward-collision warnings, automatic emergency brakes, and blind-spot detection. The Mazda6 also comes with rain-detecting windshield wipers, self-adjusting headlights, and rear-view cameras. Best of all, you can enjoy all of these hi-tech features at a reasonable price.

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Four “Safety Superstar” Cars for Women Over 50