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By on June 8, 2012

In conjunction with Food on Fridays, hosted by Ann Kroeker, I’m writing about my food with a view. At Thistle Cove Farm, meals revolve around porches…usually, breakfast in the sun room, lunch on the back porch and supper on the front porch. Dave and I used to do the same although breakfast in the sun room is a new beginning. I changed some furniture around, first time that’s been done in fifteen years, and now have a table and two chairs set up in the sun room. It’s delightful, no matter the weather, although when the sun casts its first glow over the far valley, it’s doubly delightful.

Breakfast is yogurt over granola and topped with blueberries or other fruit. Lunch is usually the heavy meal of the day and, when there’s energy, a hamburger grilled. Supper is catch and energy level dictates which is to say, mostly, cheese and crackers but when given a quick melt in the microwave they are, almost, a meal. Other times a quick fry up is in order just because sometimes fat and salt do make a meal. -wry smile-

Dave enjoyed drinking white wine and we experimented a lot. Vinho Verde, literally, Green Wine, is a Portuguese wine from the Minho region in northwestern Portugal. That’s the part of Portugal that’s snugged up against Spain. The name Vinho Verde has come to mean young wine and gets the name because the wine is made from the first, green grapes of the season. All the Vinho Verde I’ve drank has a slight effervescent, or sparkling, quality and the lightness dances rather lightly on the tongue. This, combined with the light, very light, green coloration, as well as the price, makes this a wine that can be drunk “just because it’s Tuesday”. Dave and I did that a lot…we didn’t believe in “saving for special occasions”; to us, each day was a cause for celebration, simply because we were together.

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The other good news is, a decent bottle of Vinho Verde will cost under ten dollars; a great buy for a decent wine. This, mind, coming from someone who rather likes her full bodied whites – Conundrum and white burgundy comes to mind.

If you take only one thing away with you today, take away today is special. It’s specially special if you have someone you love to share it with. All those petty problems…forget them. Focus on the reason you married him or her in the first place. Focus on the friendship you have in each other; remember the good times, try to learn from, but forget, the bad times. Treat your loved one like a precious object, don’t place your children before their father or mother. Oh, don’t misunderstand, love your children but your marriage is holy. Treat it, and your mate, as such. Leave room in your day for your spouse even if it means setting the clocks ahead and tricking the children into going to bed early! You’ll never get this particular chance again; take advantage of it NOW!


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