How to Find The Right Apps To Study The Bible

By on January 10, 2020

As a woman over 50 who desires to have a deeper, closer walk with God. For not only yourself but those around you, LivingBetter50 has looked into some of the resources available. In addition to our Daily Devotional, if you looking to dive deeper into your studies by using apps, we can suggest clicking on the link below to the top 10 bible study apps. 

Apps to Help With Studying Bible 

Just in case you don’t find the tips or perfect app for you within this article, you can get a list of apps from the link and find the one you like the best. 

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Study with Family

If you want a new activity for the family to do together, you can try a bible study for the whole family. Studying together as a family could be a great way to teach your kids about God. There are quite a few different types of bible study, including studies that use videos as well as fill-in workbooks for kids. With all the options out there, you should be able to find a bible study that your children enjoy doing together as a family. 

Additionally, with all the stress kids can get from school as well as negativity from the outside world, bible study might be something that makes them feel better about the world around them. By teaching them how to pray about the stories of the bible, can help children develop their own relationship with God. 

Award Your Kids with a Bible of Their Own 

If you notice that your kids are enjoying their new hobby of reading the bible, why not reward them by getting them a bible of their very own. Additionally, you can either purchase a book with short stories with illustrations from the holy book or you can buy them the bible in its entirety, but either way, it will encourage them to keep reading.  Conversely, you can even download and app for kids where they can read and learn about the bible on their device. Similarly, if you have a teenager or pre-teen, there are books and apps for their age group as well. 

Ultimately, when you are choosing a bible for your kid, you want to choose one that suits their needs. For example, you want to choose a version of the bible that appeals to your kid’s age and the experiences they might be having. Also, if you want a version of the good book that allows your kid to take it anywhere with them, you might want to consider an ebook version. This way, they are the only one who knows what they are reading. 


Use Bible Study Games to Make Bible Study More Fun 

So, if you and your friends get together for bible study, why not liven it up by introducing some bible study games? There are games and activities for both adults and youth alike. Finding different options should be easy, just look on the Internet and find fun things to add to your study. Moreover, these activities could be more on the educational side or simply a bit of fun to add to the study, it all depends on what suits your group. 

Additionally, there are plenty of bible trivia and board games you can play. Therefore, no matter what the ages are in your group, or if you don’t want to use any mobile devices, there is a game out there that can be fun for everyone.

The Internet and apps make it easy and fun to learn about the bible. So, no matter if you are looking to liven up your bible study, or finding a bible best suited for your kid’s age, you can find what is best for the occasion through apps and online.


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How to Find The Right Apps To Study The Bible