Fight Back Against Osteoporosis

By on August 2, 2011

It’s great to be a woman…until, of course, you begin to age! Necks sag, arms jiggle, but even more importantly, as our estrogen begins to “dry up” we can be faced with the weakening of our skeletal bones. This condition of bone deterioration is known as osteoporosis, “osteo-” meaning bone and “–porosis” meaning porous or holey (not the religious kind!). Osteoporosis a progressive demineralization of calcium from our bones which can leave a person at increased risk for fractures (hip, spine, etc.).

An accurate medical diagnosis of osteoporosis is typically made by your doctor following an X-ray or bone density test. If your one of the many women who have already been diagnosed with this disease, or if you are concerned that this condition may become an issue for you become older, the best way to fight back against this demineralizing disease is to know your bone-friendly ABC’s.

A= Awareness
Be aware that no woman is exempt from this bone demineralization possibility as time goes by. It’s something you will have to face head on if you are to gain victory.

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B= Bone friendly medicines
For those with osteoporosis, there are prescription medications such as Boniva® and Fosamax® which have been shown to slow and even reverse bone loss. Consult your physician to determine whether this is the right course of action for you.

C= Calcium
Supplement your diet with calcium rich foods (i.e. yogurt, figs, kale) and add a nutritional supplement of 1000 mg of calcium per day for extra insurance (500mg 2x/day, for women over 50).

D= Vitamin D
Calcium is best absorbed by the body (bones) when coupled with vitamin D. For that reason, most calcium supplements are now paired with this vitamin. Vitamin D is produced by the skin when exposed to the sun and is found in milk-based products.

E= Exercise, weight-bearing
One of the best things you can do to prevent the calcium from leeching out of your bones is to perform regular weight bearing exercise, such as walking, running, or dancing.

F= Fall prevention
As you get older, make sure your living environment is free from fall hazards such as throw rugs, floor clutter, or poorly lit areas where foot traffic is common.

Bone up on these ABC’s and you’ll surely protect yourself from excessive bone loss, preventable fractures, and the much of the “shrinking stature” which can accompany osteoporosis over time.

Lisa Morrone, PT is a regular Health contributor for Living Better at 50+. A physical therapist, author, professor, and speaker, Lisa is on a mission to help people Get Healthy…for Heaven’s Sake! 


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Lisa Morrone, P.T., is a physical therapist, professor, speaker, and the author of five books who is on a mission to encourage people to Get Healthy, For Heaven’s Sake. Comprised from over two decades of experience in the healthcare field, Lisa’s can-do instruction will empower you to: • Invest in good health now to enjoy every stage of life. • Gain control over recurring pain by treating it yourself. • Maintain the proper focus and fitness to maximize your calling. • Secure changes which will increase your lifespan by 7-15 years!

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Fight Back Against Osteoporosis