Female Pattern Baldness: Ultimate Guide for Women Over 50

By on July 11, 2020
female pattern baldness

Have you noticed your hair thinning at a faster rate than you can ever remember? Maybe your part has started widening and your scalp is showing a bit more than normal. If this applies to you, then you might have female pattern baldness. 

Androgenic alopecia is a life-altering condition that not only affects you physically but also emotionally and mentally. Unfortunately, for many women, this is just part of the aging process.

For women, hair loss is quite normal, especially as you begin to age. However, do not fret, we will provide you with some treatment options available throughout this article. Keep reading to unveil the ultimate guide of female pattern baldness for women over 50.

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What is Female Pattern Baldness

FPHL (female pattern hair loss) can happen due to many reasons. The biggest amongst women is genetics and hormones. Genetics play a huge role in whether you carry the specific genes for androgenetic alopecia. It was once believed that only the maternal side carried the genes, but in recent years, it has been brought to light that both the mother and father’s side can be responsible. 

As previously mentioned, hair loss can be a part of the aging process. As women age, the hair growth on the scalp slows down. Also, follicles can stop producing new strands of hair in the hair growth cycle. What I mean is that as hair grows and sheds, new ones are not growing in its place. 

Scientists have come a long way in studying the causes of alopecia, but much is still to be discovered. While there is no known cure for female pattern baldness, there are products on the market that can help slow down, reverse, or stop those follicles from being lost forever. The best products for all the grandmothers with thinning hair out there are listed below. 

Female Pattern Baldness Treatment Options

Low-Level Light Therapy

Low-level light therapy can be used in the treatment of many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. However, where this kind of therapy stands out amongst the rest is in its ability to help promote hair growth and putting an end to female pattern baldness. 

Low-level light therapy is used in laser hair growth caps that are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be safe and effective for human use. The low-level light therapy, which is emitted from laser caps, stimulates blood flow in the scalp tissue. This in turn will promote oxygen and essential nutrients to the scalp and encourage new hair growth.


Vitamins are a great source to help the promotion of hair growth, but make sure to get the right kind. Multivitamins are a good start because they provide all the essential nutrients and minerals that both your hair and body need to survive. 

You can be assured that you will get the appropriate levels of all the nutrients that your hair needs to maintain its good health and strength. You can also get specialized vitamins if you prefer or are familiar with the kind you need specifically to treat your hair loss. If you know that your scalp produces an excess amount of the DHT hormone, then you may want to steer in that direction. 

DHT Blocking Shampoo

DHT is a male sex hormone that can be detrimental to hair health. Even though it is a male sex hormone, it can be present in women. This hormone, if overproduced, can bind to the healthy hair follicles and deprive them of the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive. If not treated, the hair will eventually begin to fall out.

DHT blocking shampoo is a product that you can use to help block this hormone. This shampoo is made with specific ingredients and enzymes to put a stop to DHT and its production on the scalp. 

If you are suffering from female baldness, do not get discouraged. Especially if you are reaching your 50’s, hair loss is more common. 

These helpful tips and treatment options are available to help you. Do not hesitate to start implementing them into your everyday routine. Your hair will continuously improve if you remain consistent with the treatment options that you choose.

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Female Pattern Baldness: Ultimate Guide for Women Over 50