A New Experience for Next Generation

By on January 1, 2012

By Peggy W. Lester –

After several adult mission trips to Mexico, some of us who had children decided it would be great to introduce them to foreign missions. So, we rented a large, 30 passenger motor home and off we headed to Mexico. At this stage in our lives, we had a large Sunday school class and most of us had adolescents and/or teenagers. Mexico and mission service had been such a life changing difference for us as parents that we thought it might make a Godly impression for our children. We hoped it would open their eyes as to the blessings they experience here in the States.

We sang, played games, prayed and fellowshipped our way across the States, across the border of Mexico and down to Monterrey, Mexico. The bond of friendship, family and just pure Christian fun on this trip would knit our hearts in memories forever. By the time we reached our destination we were all so excited to experience what the Lord had planned for us.

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Our former pastor and his family, now residing in Monterrey, would again be our host. We stayed in their home, slept in sleeping bags and piled into the various rooms available for our group. We had devotions, prayer times and experienced ministry one to another as well as on the streets of Mexico. The trip made a lasting impression on all of our children; one the Lord, we prayed, would influence their lives and their children’s lives in the years to come.

Have you ever moved out of your “comfort zone” to experience something new from the Lord? If the disciples of Jesus had stayed huddled together in the upper room, you and I would probably never have come to know Christ Jesus. God is continually asking, prodding, leading and using ever measure He can to ruffle up your “nest of comfort”. You know that is how the mother eagle teaches her young to fly…by making the nest uncomfortable and crowding it with things that take up the little one’s space.  Has God pushed you out of your comfortable nest?

I remember the first time I was to speak at a large conference in Nigeria. I was so nervous. I met with my pastor for him to pray with me. He made a comment I have never forgotten. I had made the comment that I was really “out of the boat in deep water”; he said, “Peggy, Jesus will meet you there.” I go back to that remark often when I am met with challenges for ministries that I feel are over my head. God has never failed me…He has always met me in the deep water.

As a new year approaches, why don’t you make a commitment to “experience something new”, “something out of the box for you”, “step out of the boat into the deep”? Better yet, take your children along for a new experience of service in God’s Kingdom. Help them see the world is not revolving around them but around God. It has been created by Him, for Him, through Him and unto Him all the glory, honor and praise is to be given. There is a big world out there to bring to Christ…won’t you be a part of a new experience that might change the next generation? The dividends pay eternal benefits!

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Peggy W. Lester is the founder of Spreading His Fragrance Near and Far, Inc. Her desire is to take the Gospel to those who haven’t heard, to disciple those desiring to grow in their faith and to share the healing balm of Jesus to those who have been wounded in life. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian counseling and is ordained through FCFI located in Indiana. She lives with husband, Don, about 35 miles West of Atlanta, Georgia. Website: http://www.peggywlester.com/

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A New Experience for Next Generation