Expect the Best, Key to Success!

By on November 22, 2011

By Maryann Ehmann –

As a very accepting, adaptable and patient person, not wanting to be demanding, controlling, or ungrateful, I have often crossed over into the land of settling and not going for what I really want.

In fact, for years and for a variety of reasons, I didn’t know it was really ok to even entertain what I really wanted. It was always about what God wanted, or my husband, or my kids… but me?

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That would be selfish.

And if I dared to follow some self-help guru who gave me permission to pursue what I wanted, and then I  failed, then that would be disappointing, which would  end up confirming a secret belief… I don’t deserve to have what I really want.

Ah… there’s the lie.

Well, we cannot afford to buy into that belief any longer. Those of us over 50 cannot waste any more time on mindsets that do not support our vision, dreams, or purpose.

If we have any hesitation or doubt that we can have what we want, whether in business or personally, we will never expect the best out of life.

And if we do not expect the best, we are almost guaranteed… we will not have it!

Recently I had, yet another opportunity to test this.

Last summer I determined to have an event in January that I knew in the depths of my soul would bring clarity, refreshment, and a solid action plan for my entrepreneurial guests. I spent much time in prayer envisioning just the right setting, location, and necessary elements to ensure maximum results.

After researching many resorts, I found one that was perfect in every way.

Over the months leading up to this event, obstacles have emerged, ones that in the past I might have taken as a sign that ”I’m not supposed to do this.”

But one particular threat regarding this carefully chosen resort (see it here) seemed impossible to get around. Postponing my event seemed like my only option.

However, not wanting to give up so easily, I went to my God, and prayed as David did in Ps 4:1 – “Hear my cry O God… you have enlarged me in my distress.” As I prayed that, this fiery energy of expectation rose up and strengthened my resolve. Somehow, someway, I would be enlarged in my distress!

I just had to keep my eyes open for it.

As I spoke to the registered attendants to get their feedback, I discovered they were more invested in this event than I realized. They did not want me to postpone or cancel. This commitment on their part, was enlarging, fueling my passion even more.

Armed with this information, I determined that the hotel would serve us all in an even greater way than originally contracted. Indeed, they gave me an even better, more luxurious conference room, overlooking San Diego Bay, for less money. Many other concessions were made, and my guests will now be even more pampered than originally planned.

Expecting the best does not mean being demanding, rude, or out of control. In fact, just the opposite. True expectation has a quiet, but firm calm about it.

Expecting the best does not always mean the thing you hope for has to look exactly like you think it should. In fact, it is often more than you can even think or imagine.

So, here’s my encouragement to you. You do deserve the best. Do whatever you have to do to remove the lie that you don’t. And then, step out and expect the best. It is the only way to your true success.


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About Maryann Ehmann

Maryann lives in western New York with her husband Gene who is a private investigator, pastor and author. She loves to cook and travel and enjoy time with her family and friends. She has four incredible children, two of whom she home schooled, and eight delightful grandchildren. For More Information You Can Visit Her Website At: http://www.haveievertoldyou.com/.

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Expect the Best, Key to Success!