Energy Medicine and Vitality

By on July 1, 2011

By Cindy King –

Energy medicine? That sounds New Age. Actually it is as old as Adam. Since God created man we have been a whirl of atoms and electrons! Energy medicine is simply any healing method that affects our energetic fields in a positive way. How do you feel after spending an extended time with your Creator, or swimming in a mountain lake, or having a massage? Refreshed? In the modern sense of the word this isn’t medicine, however, each of those activities manipulates your energy in a positive way.

God has so carefully created energy systems within the human body that we seem to run on auto pilot. The brain and nervous system is constantly communicating with your digestive and circulatory systems, while your liver and kidneys are keeping things in delicate balance. The human body functions through overlapping layers of systems: physical, chemical, hormonal, energetic, and spiritual, all divinely aligned and in harmony with each other in ways that still stump modern science. What if things get out of balance? If left unchecked a disease process may begin to take root.

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I have been using Energy Medicine in my office with a “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” device called the Ondamed. We use it to identify underlying dysfunctions such as inflammation, infections, scar tissue, and emotional trauma residing at a cellular level causing stress. After identifying, we can then stimulate these areas with healthy pulsed low frequencies to reduce pain, inflammation, and imbalances to improve metabolism. And the good news is that there are no negative side effects of this therapy.

Rolf Binder, inventor of the Ondamed, states “Disease Labels do not help us cure our patients. Imagine an approach that would rapidly allow you to find the hidden physiological and emotional cause of your patient’s symptoms, while simultaneously stimulating your patients’ nervous system with specific therapeutic fields.” We are experiencing wonderful results in stress reduction, mental and physical and helping people overcome illness to achieve vibrant health.

God has created your immune system to keep you in perfect health. When stress is removed and you are in balance, your body heals itself!
To your health!

Cindy King is a Certified Ondamed Practitioner and her past careers have included midwife, nurse, and chiropractic assistant. Her office is located in Bend, to learn more, please visit her business page on Face Book: Salute Energy Therapy, or to find a practitioner near you!

About Cindy King

Cindy is a mother of 4 wonderful children and has been a widow for almost 7 years. She lives in beautiful Central Oregon where she enjoys the outdoors: hiking, xc-skiing and gardening. Past careers include midwifery, nursing, and chiropractic assistant. Her passion is to assist women with their health, which she has been doing for over 25 years. She loves to encourage and empower women to become who God says they are: beautiful, strong, and important.

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Energy Medicine and Vitality