Most Effective CBD Topical for Women Over 50’s Pain

By on February 26, 2020
CBD Topical

There is nothing like receiving relief from pain. Toothache, backpain or ache muscles can get the best of us and leave us under the weather. It seems as we age, that aches and pains become ever more frequent and obvious. I can not recall the last time I woke up in the morning without any pain somewhere in my body.

It is no wonder that CBD Topicals (Cannabidiol) have become the talk of the town. With an aging population and us looking for fast relief from the nagging and long-lasting pains, we are always open to new alternatives. CBD is not necessarily a new alternative. Rather a new legally available alternative. With the growing awareness of CBD as a potential health aid, there’s also been a proliferation of misconceptions.

Is it a “Miracle Drug” or not?

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Does CBD Topical Cream have the same effect on all pains experienced?

Not all pain is the same. Pain that we experience is caused by many common issues, however, they can be broken into muscle pain, skeletal pain, and tension pain. Pain is either localized or general. Most aches and pains experienced are localized and using oral pain medicine to numb the entire body is not necessary. It is best to treat the exact location of inflammation or pain, and using CBD topical cream is most effective in localized pain or;

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint soreness
  • Back Pain

What makes a CBD topical cream better?

There are various methods to administer CBD. Some suppliers offer capsules that can be taken orally. You can also use a dropper to place the CBD under your tongue. CBD edibles are increasingly popular for obvious reasons. They’re tasty, and they contain a pre-measured dose of CBD.

Topical CBD oil cream

Our skin is porous and any product, bad or good, is absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstream. It takes approximately 20 seconds for the cannabidiol to be absorbed through your skin when applied through a CBD Topical cream. Many of the other methods of consuming the CBD tend to treat the general body. Topical and transdermal drug delivery systems have shown significant advantages in clinical practice for drug targeting to the specific site in the body. The administration of CBD through the skin is also performed to achieve controlled or prolonged delivery of the CBD.

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The quantity of CBD oil in the product is clearly marked on the packaging. The MediBliss 600mg topical cream contains 600mg of CBD oil in the total 2.0 Oz product. If you applied 10% of the product to your area of pain, you will be applying 60mg of CBD oil directly to the area experiencing pain. Compared to a capsule or drops of CBD oil, a topical cream is often giving you a greater potency in the affected area. 

You can get a FREE Medibliss Topical pain relief cream to try out and see how well it works.

CBD is obtained in a similar fashion tp essential oils. They are both concentrating a plant’s resources into usable oil. CBD oil concentrates thousands of the cannabis flower resins into drops of oil. If you are considering the addition of CBD to your healthcare regime, speak to your doctor and remember that small quantities of this miracle oil go a long way.

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Most Effective CBD Topical for Women Over 50’s Pain