Don’t Look Back

By on June 15, 2012

“But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” Genesis 19:26

If you ever feel like this world is getting more depraved, more unrighteous, and more evil every day, then you know how Lot felt when he was living in Sodom. So how did Lot get to Sodom in the first place? Well, he did what many of us do – he looked at the economic opportunities that he believed were available to him and his herdsmen, and decided that moving to Sodom would be both a good business decision and a good personal decision. Ok, I can understand that. But what do you do when you realize that the place that you thought had so much hope turns out to be driven by and filled with bad and evil things?

When God gives you the opportunity to leave, you leave. And you don’t look back.

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Lot’s wife drove that point home. Don’t look back. You know – that whole pillar of salt thing. It’s easy to look back at the things we left behind, and be completely unable to move forward in life because of those longings for the good old, bad old days. And don’t think that Lot’s wife was the only one who did that, either. What do you think was at the heart of that never-ending trip that the Israelites took – wandering through the desert for 40 years. Rather than keeping their eyes on the Promised Land ahead of them, they kept whining about everything they left back in Egypt. Nevermind the fact that they were slaves there. When I think about all of those desert years I just want to yell at the Israelites through the pages – wake up!  look forward! DON’T LOOK BACK!

Am I being too critical of these folks? No. No, because I’ve learned that I’ve been guilty of exactly the same thing! What about you?

So why do we even look back? Because sometimes we don’t know – and I mean really “know” – in our hearts that God has something better for in store for us. Our fear of the future gives us pause, and we look back – hoping we made the right decision, wishing we had some of the security that we’ve left behind, missing the “freedom” to behave any way we want…you get the picture.

But the bottom line is that if we put our fears away, and put our faith in God, and his amazing goodness and love for us, we can move forward in life with our heads held high, and our eyes set on the future. God wants us to trust Him, and yes, that can be scary, but when we hold His hand and walk with Him in faith, we never know what wonderful things are waiting for us in our own Promised Land.

Lord, thank you for giving us such hard-hitting examples of what happens when we fail to trust in your goodness. Forgive me for my own lack of faith. Lord, help me to keep my eye on the promised land that you have for me, and help me to not be distracted by the things I’ve left behind. Help me to remember that the things that are behind me are behind me for a reason. Grant me the wisdom to look forward, and look up, and know in my heart that you are still God, and that you work everything together for my good and your gl0ry. Thank you for loving me, even when I’m undeserving of that love. I praise you, Lord, and pray to you in Jesus name. Amen.


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Don’t Look Back