Don’t Let A Knock-Off Bean Bag Fool You

By on August 6, 2021
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You may have heard about the Yogibo vs Moon Pod battle that’s quickly becoming a war. If you haven’t, here’s a bit of a refresher. In 2009, Eyal Levy invented a fully supportive bean bag that removed pressure points and responded dynamically to pressure from the body. Essentially, the product, which he called the Yogibo, is a giant bean bag that wraps the user up in a supportive hug. Levy was happily selling his product, expanding to 120 retail locations, when in 2018, he found out that a new product that had suspiciously similar qualities had hit the market. The Moon Pod, developed by John Fiorentino, claimed to be the first of its kind on the market. Thus, the beanbag battle began.

What’s the Big Deal?

Some of you may be asking why it’s such a big deal that there are two similar products being sold at the same time. Well, the issue is not so much that Moon Pod has come up with a product that is filled with the same material as the Yogibo and responds to pressure in the same exact way. It’s more than Fiorentino has made claims that he invented this type of bean bag when Levy has been selling his product for almost a decade.

Do They Really Compare?

Other than being filled with the same material and responding to pressure in the same way, the Yogibo and Moon Pod are almost entirely different. Their shapes are different, with the Yogibo being long and skinny and the Moon Pod being almost square. Their outer fabrics are different, with the Yogibo featuring cotton-lycra material compared to the Moon Pod’s polyester cotton. Their color choices are different, with the Yogibo coming in numerous colors and the Moon Pod having relatively fewer selections.

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So, the answer is, there really is no comparison. The Yogibo is a superior product to the Moon Pod, which makes sense since it came first and has been a smashing success. The long, skinny shape makes it more comfortable to lie down on (your feet don’t dangle off the end) or to allow up to four people to use the bean bag at one time. The fabrics are important too because the cotton-lycra blend doesn’t pill like the polyester-cotton blend, and therefore, will look new for a much longer time.

The Big Difference

The main difference you’re going to see between the two products before you buy one is the price. The Moon Pod, despite its inferior quality, is much more expensive than the Yogibo. Additionally, since you have to buy additional accessories to get the same benefits you get in an all-in-one Yogibo, you’ll have to shell out even more cash to bring the Moon Pod up to a basic comparison level with the Yogibo. Then, once you actually get the product, you’ll discover that the fabric, shape, and color are all better as well.

The truth is, you should never buy a knock-off product when you can buy the original one at a better price. Don’t let Moon Pod fool you. It wasn’t invented first, and it’s not the same product as Yogibo. Buy the original zero-gravity bean bag and you won’t regret it for even a minute.

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Don’t Let A Knock-Off Bean Bag Fool You