Do You Need Some Traction?

By on December 1, 2015

By Kathy Brunner−

Last week I received a call from my daughter who told me her vehicle had gotten stuck in the mud even though it didn’t look as if the ground was really that soft!  “I just need something to give me some traction,” she offered as she listened to the suggestions my husband had for getting her unstuck.

That’s really the way our lives operate also, isn’t it? We need the things that give us traction to keep us going. Things that keep you going on your job are Motivation, Personal Achievement, Bonuses, Perks, Appreciation, Self-Satisfaction, Income and Benefits.

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If you are a business owner, you know a steady stream of customers or clients, continued growth in sales and being the Top of Mind company all affect the traction you have to move forward in your business.

Anytime you are not getting new clients, new sales and new ideas you are stuck in a rut and need some real traction to move forward.

If your business is not moving forward, growing successfully and getting new clients, it needs TRACTION! A business makes money, grows successfully and thrives on new ongoing clientele.

  • An online business that is not getting clients is just another domain name.
  • A brick and motor business that is not growing clientele is just another building.
  • A consulting business without clients is just another one way conversation.
  • A business that just takes up your time and money, is just a poorly launched idea without traction.

Nobody wants this, but a lot of business owners are content to sit and wait for something to happen while sinking deeper into the muck every minute. You have to stop that nonsense before things will improve.

If your business is in a rut and not moving forward, do something to get some traction.

  • Learn how to find your ideal clients and how to market to them effectively.
  • Learn how to get an edge on your competition.
  • Discover how to create the best products or programs to make your business thrive.

You didn’t go into business to have it fail so why wait around until you sink so far down in the hole you’re invisible?

Maybe it’s time for you to work with someone who can give you the traction you need to move out of the rut and into the flow of traffic again.

It’s up to you, but seriously…just how long are you going to wait before you decide you can’t get out of the rut on your own?

You didn’t go into business just to go out of business.


Kathy is an author, speaker and branding specialist. She has been business owner for over 21 years. Visit her at Kathy blogs at FINDING YOUR FIRE.

About kathy brunner

Kathy is an author, speaker and branding specialist. She has been business owner for over 21 years. She currently provides keynotes and workshops for groups who are looking to make the change from "burned out" to "fired up". Visit her at Kathy blogs at FINDING YOUR FIRE.

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Do You Need Some Traction?