Do You Know How to Clean Your Toilet Without Using Harsh Chemicals?

By on March 25, 2022
harsh chemicals

As you may know, most shops buy cleaning products for your toilets that are full of harmful chemicals. Although they smell clean they could be causing damage to you and the people in your household. So what’s actually in these shop-bought products? Well here are just a few of the harsh chemicals in these products Premium Clean required:

Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid is an active ingredient in many toilet bowl cleaners. This is a highly corrosive chemical and is very toxic for children, pets, household plants, and especially for the person that is nose deep in the toilet performing the clean. Inhaling hydrochloric acid fumes can actually cause a great amount of damage to the nose and throat. Regular exposure can cause serious respiratory issues later on down the line and if you happen to get this on your skin it can cause chemical burns as it is highly corrosive. This is a scary thing to consider in the future when buying cleaning products if you have pets and children in the home. 

Chlorine bleach

Chlorine bleach is another extremely harmful ingredient in nearly every cleaning product on the shelves these days. Specifically, bleach is highly caustic, meaning it can cause burns, corrode, or destroy living tissues. This is dangerous if you happen to spill this onto your skin. In addition to burning your eyes, nose, and skin, it can easily aggravate asthma symptoms meaning that for anyone with respiratory issues this can be very dangerous when inhaled.

fall scents for your home

Many of you will believe that these harsh ingredients are necessary to get that clean and fresh-smelling bathroom toilet, however, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, these chemicals remove stains and kill germs but there are many other ways to achieve these amazing results without polluting your home and endangering your loved ones. So you ask if they are that harmful why are they put into these products when natural alternatives are available? Well if they put a warning on the bottles stating just how harmful the products can be no one would buy them, resulting in a huge loss for the large companies that make the products. They want to make money wherever they can and telling you that the chemicals can cause respiratory issues and so on will ruin that for them. 

Right, what can we use instead of all these harsh chemicals safely?

White vinegar

Now you’ve probably heard that white vinegar is great for many things, well believe it because this couldn’t be more true, white vinegar has so many uses and it is safe enough to be ingested. I mean we even use it on our chips. It is still classed as a mild acid, however, it is so old it is 100 percent safe to use for cleaning. If spilled on the skin it won’t cause any long-lasting damage and can be simply rinsed off with water if mild irritation should occur. It disinfects the area being cleaned, eliminates odors, and is safe to be used around children and pets.  

Lemon Juice or Citric Acid

Yet another acid but a safe one, Citric acid, also found in lemon juice, binds to minerals in the toilet bowl making them easier to remove and eliminate. Again it can be ingested although we don’t advise as it has a very bitter taste. It will leave a pleasant smelling scent and can remove staining from the toilet bowl. 


Sometimes confused with its relative boric acid which can be extremely toxic, be assured that borax is completely the opposite. It actually only holds the same toxicity as regular table salt or baking soda but only in extremely large amounts. Borax acts as a 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great cleaner used for all kinds of household cleaners, it’s great for scouring and deodorizing the toilet bowl however it’s not so great for fighting germs so it’s best to pair it with other natural cleaning methods. 

There are many other natural methods and materials to use, these are only a few of them.

It’s so easy to help keep your family healthy and safe from toxins using homemade cleaning products and you can also make them using essential oils so they can have whatever scent you want them to have.

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Do You Know How to Clean Your Toilet Without Using Harsh Chemicals?