4 Tips for Marketing Digital Services in the Alternative Medicine Niche

By on February 28, 2020
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Marketing digital services are best done when it’s niched down to specific industries. Each has its own requirements, expectations and little quirks. It’s best to learn what those are and then it becomes easier to provide services that will suit their specific needs. 

Here are 4 tips for marketing digital services to alternative medicine providers. 

Web Design with the Right Look & Feel

Effective web design provides the right look and image for each industry and the individual business itself. Therefore, a corporate look is required for a major conglomerate whereas, in the health industry, the appearance must be softened to make it seem more approachable. 

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Always discuss the exact needs of the health provider-client with the design team first. Mock-up design ideas based on what’s been talked over, including any requested features. 

For example, with holistic cancer treatment centers, these types of websites should be designed to be uplifting, positive and promote the feeling of wellness. Working within this theme, a visit to their site should get visitors in the right frame of mind. From there, they’ll be more open to signing up for some holistic cancer treatments or another alternative treatment that might be beneficial. 

Mobile Apps to Assist their Patients

Mobile app development for Android and iOS might be helpful to an alternative health organization to assist their patients better.

Rather than getting their health information from a more general source, the app can include new articles from the medical staff and therapists to get across the optimistic outlook. The articles can also describe new treatment breakthroughs in an unfiltered manner. 

Ensuring Digital Technology is Accessible for All

A website development (and also a mobile app) needs to be accessible for their potential customers. Obviously, there are laws already relating to web accessibility for everyone. These should be reviewed to ensure all sites are developed in the correct manner. 

There’s also the possibility of crafting a site (or a mobile app) that pays particular attention to the types of patients that the client works with. If there’s a situation where vision or motor skills are an issue, then changes can be made in the design to better accommodate this.

Perhaps a larger default font size and links at the top of every page making it easier to further boost the front size will hold some appeal? Alternatively, making clickable buttons bigger so they’re easier to select for people with motor skill difficulties, as well as following all accessibility guides for the web, makes sense too.

Marketing Their Services in an Appropriate Place

Advertising shouldn’t be a ‘one campaign fits all’ approach. Indeed, this is particularly the case with alternative medicine. 

In this space, it’s necessary to pick and choose the kind of people who would be open to these treatment approaches that fall outside of the mainstream. As such, ad placement on a site that provides articles about new alternative treatments is going to be far more successful than mainstream advertising on Google AdSense where the advert will be published on many different websites. 

When providing digital services in the alternative health field, taking a different approach to normal is advisable. There is much that can be done to appeal to this market when tailoring your offering appropriately.

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4 Tips for Marketing Digital Services in the Alternative Medicine Niche