Dealing with Different Opinions on Digital Signage Design

By on July 2, 2019
Digital Signage

Discussing digital signage design with your marketing team could be challenging. The team members will present you with tons of ideas, especially if they have experience in dealing with digital signage in the past. If you can’t agree on anything, it will delay the process. These are some useful tips to ensure that the final design looks outstanding.

Put everything to a vote and explain it to everyone

You need to follow a democratic process where you put ideas to a vote. Whoever wins will proceed with the plan and whoever loses will respect the decision of the majority. Before voting, though, you need to allow everyone to say their piece and defend their ideas.

Let everyone speak 

You need to have an environment where people are free to express their thoughts and feel good about the process. Avoid saying no or shutting everyone down because you think their ideas are incorrect or too wild. Suspend judgment until it’s time to do so. During the discussion, allow thoughts to flow so that no one will feel bad.

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Look at the data

When people argue their case, you can’t only decide based on the design. You also need to view data coming from your competitors. Make sure you understand whether their approach worked or not. If other companies used similar designs in the past and they failed, there’s no point in doing the same. You already know the results. 

Have someone record the discussion 

You don’t want anything to escape the conversation. Make sure that you record the discussion so that no one will feel left out. Even if you turn down some of the ideas presented this time, you can head back to the recording and reconsider them next time. You want everyone to feel that they have a part in the conversation, and even if their plans didn’t win, they still feel empowered because of your process.

Thank everyone for the involvement 

In some companies, leaders find it challenging to look for great ideas. They don’t even want to engage in a brainstorming session anymore because they’re not getting anything out of it. You’re lucky that you have people who are willing to listen and engage with you. Regardless of the outcome of the conversation, you need to thank everyone for their ideas. Tell them to keep the spirit alive since you still have tons of marketing plans to do in the future.

For instance, if their ideas for a digital signage kiosk didn’t work, they might stand out next time as you turn your plan to online marketing. You can’t expect your team members to have the same strengths. The variety of marketing campaigns will also allow everyone to have the chance to stand out and prove their worth. 

Don’t let the negating opinions distract you. Instead, you need to feel motivated because it shows how passionate everyone is, and tons of potential ideas could soon come to fruition.


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Dealing with Different Opinions on Digital Signage Design