Daily Devotional – Pillar 2 – Who is God?

By on October 2, 2020
Daily Devotional

Our scripture for the Daily Devotional today is taken from Jeremiah 9:21-26. What does it mean to know God? Is this even an achievable accolade to know the Almighty and Lord of all? While we may not fully comprehend Him, a passion for pursuing God’s heart is His greatest desire.

Say, “This is what the Lord declares:

“‘Dead bodies will lie
    like dung on the open field,
like cut grain behind the reaper,
    with no one to gather them.’”

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23 This is what the Lord says:

“Let not the wise boast of their wisdom
    or the strong boast of their strength
    or the rich boast of their riches,
24 but let the one who boasts boast about this:
    that they have the understanding to know me,
that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness,
    justice and righteousness on earth,
    for in these I delight,”
declares the Lord.

25 “The days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when I will punish all who are circumcised only in the flesh— 26 Egypt, Judah, Edom, Ammon, Moab and all who live in the wilderness in distant places.[e] For all these nations are really uncircumcised, and even the whole house of Israel is uncircumcised in heart.”

The holiness of God is paramount!

“Only by relating to God can we discover who we are.” Del Tackett

We spend years in school studying the wonders of creation, but so little time studying the one who created it all. People boast in the knowledge that they have gathered, but ultimately it will be worthless. Standing before God during judgment, will He know us or not?

I once heard that God knows us so well that He knows exactly how we would react or choose a path. It made me question how well I truly know God. Jesus certainly revealed the depth of His relationship with the Father while walking on earth.

Knowing who we are is very much caught in our knowledge of who God is. By searching for God in His word and in His presence, we ultimately find ourselves too!

Let’s Pray

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you, Father, that You love me and are closely watching me. You know my inner thoughts, fears, and desires. I desire to know and understand You more. Do not hide yourself and Your face from me as I search for You.

In Jesus Name,


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Daily Devotional – Pillar 2 – Who is God?