Cup of Empowerment 4/2/12

By on April 2, 2012

Sipping on my bouquet… 

I sat in my favorite chair where I meet with the Lord often and receive many answers, knowing I needed to hear clearly from Him regarding my upcoming trip, I said, “Lord, I need a clear word for India!” As I opened my heart to receive from Him, I saw a bouquet of red, yellow and white roses. I continued to press into His presence for more…but that was all I saw. “What does that mean?” I asked Him. It was quiet. Now I know when that happens, He usually wants to unfold the mystery as I dissect it.  

While preparing to meet with my ‘gatekeepers,’ the Lord said, “I will unfold the meaning as you meet with these ladies.” Oh, I became excited! At the meeting, we looked up the meanings of roses and the colors in my dream and symbol books. We wrote what we found on a dry erase board, and as we wrote, a pattern began to emerge.   

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Roses themselves represent romance and Jesus as our Sweetheart. The red rose demonstrates passionate love, desire, respect, courage and a job well done. When red and yellow roses are used together it means congratulations! Red and white roses represent unity. The white rose means purity, reverence, humility and innocence. The yellow rose speaks of joy, gladness, friendship, remember me, and zeal. 

Looking more deeply into the colors, we found red also shows wisdom, excitement, leadership and the Spirit of the Lord. Crimson (in which some of the red roses were) represent blood atonement, forgiveness and strong emotion. Yellow also speaks of the spirit of understanding, hope, gift of God, light, teacher, family, celebration and wealth. White further shows ‘without mixture,’ holy power, righteousness, blameless, marriage, covenant, redeemed and surrender. 

We also realized there were negative aspects of each color we needed to pray into, which hindered the people of India. The negative side of red is death, anger, rage, lust and hatred. The negative of yellow is deceitful, timidity, weakness and intellectual pride. (Interesting that there they put much value on their intelligence. Much of our computer technology and training comes from India.) And the negative side of white is cowardice, fearfulness, religious spirit, witchcraft and Hindu and Buddhist mourning. (The widows in those religions wear white to show they are desolate and without color.) 

We prayed releasing the opposite of the revealed negatives, bringing healing in these areas. We agreed with the positive meanings blessings their marriages, families, relationships and their lives as they experienced the Lord’s passionate Love for them. We declared that Spirit of the Lord was represented in our visit along with His Understanding and Wisdom, and that the Love of Jesus would release such a refreshing fragrance it would introduce them to the true Rose of Sharon! 

We saw that we were truly a bouquet sent from the heart of the Father. What an honor, what a delight!  

Read over the flower and color characteristics again. This time apply the bouquet to your life. What do you need the Rose of Sharon to be for you today or in this season of your journey with Him? Then do as we did and pray into it, and let His fragrance cover you releasing what you need. 


Standing fragrantly with you,


He’s My Husband International

About CarolMarie Smith

CarolMarie is an international speaker and writer, she inspires audiences worldwide to bring widows into their place of power. She is the co-author of the "Widows Ministry Leadership Training" manual that has been translated into six languages and used around the world. The teachings and revelations lift off hopelessness and move the widow into their unique place of purpose as well as help leaders and ministries move into a place of greater power and blessing. A Bible teacher for over 30 years, a radio and television personality, as well as a featured writer for magazines and newspapers, CarolMarie often incorporates humor with her passion to call us to our special place in the heart of God. A widow since 1999, CarolMarie relates to the plight widows face and yet has experienced first hand the transforming presence of God that lifts off shame and moves all types of widows into intimate relationship with Him. CarolMarie is the founder of He's My Husband International, a ministry based out of Knoxville, TN. She also serves with several global ministries that have outreaches to orphans and widows, including Widows International, Matthew 10 International, and Abiding Glory.

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Cup of Empowerment 4/2/12