Has Your Computer Become A Pain In The Neck?

By on May 5, 2011

By Lisa Morrone, PT –

These days many of us spend hours sitting in front of our computers. For some it’s our work station, and for others it’s a play station. Like it or not, the computer has become the new information and recreation hub of the home.

Anytime you confine your body to a position for a prolonged period of time, it’s bound to get cranky sooner or later. One of the most common complaints of my computer-using patients is that of a sore neck, which, given time, also begins to take up real estate in their shoulder blade area as well.

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In order to avoid this computer-generated pain-in-the-neck you must do a “body check” to assure the best possible alignment for your spine—if you plan on continuing to sit there in front of your monitor for hours on end!

• First, make sure that your monitor is well-placed. The height of the screen should allow you to look straight forward without having to tip your head up or tilt it down in order read comfortably. If your monitor is a fixed height, try adding a book under its base to raise it up, or lower your chair if you find you are looking down at your monitor. Remember to scroll regularly to keep the words you are typing or reading directly in front of your eyes.

• Next, don’t make the mistake of craning your head and neck forward in order to bring the words into focus. Rather slide the monitor towards you and tuck your chair in a bit more if you have the room. This will keep your head lined up over your shoulders—where it is the happiest! If the words are just too small, make use of the increase font size feature for ease of viewing.

• Finally, make sure your arms are supported as you type and mouse. This can be done by using a chair with arm rests, moving the keyboard and/or mouse down onto the pull out shelf in your computer desk, or by resting your forearms on the edge of your desk as you use the keyboard.

Applying each of these steps goes a long way to protect the joints, muscles and discs in your neck and upper back from becoming a royal pain-in-the-neck!

Lisa Morrone, PT is a regular Health contributor for Living Better at 50+. A physical therapist, author, professor, and speaker, Lisa is on a mission to help people Get Healthy…for Heaven’s Sake! Visit her on the web at: http://www.lisamorrone.com/.  Be sure to sign up to receive Lisa’s Monday Morning Health Tips, delivered right to your inbox!

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Lisa Morrone, P.T., is a physical therapist, professor, speaker, and the author of five books who is on a mission to encourage people to Get Healthy, For Heaven’s Sake. Comprised from over two decades of experience in the healthcare field, Lisa’s can-do instruction will empower you to: • Invest in good health now to enjoy every stage of life. • Gain control over recurring pain by treating it yourself. • Maintain the proper focus and fitness to maximize your calling. • Secure changes which will increase your lifespan by 7-15 years!

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Has Your Computer Become A Pain In The Neck?