Colors that Work

By on June 15, 2012

Do you select colors that you love to look at or colors that flatter your face? Well, how about a color that does both?

Check out our Embellished Knit Tunic, #22535, in Caribbean. The fabric is soft to the touch but has enough weight to drape well, the crush of silver and white beading is rich and soft gathers of fabric frame the face beautifully. The cut of this plus size top is A-line and the fabric is 100% viscose rayon knit – which means it will move and stretch well throughout the day and it will be as wrinkle-free in the evening as it was when you put it on in the morning. The color is absolutely gorgeous and it is a universally flattering color. How can this be so?

Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel enhance each other, which is why strawberries pop and look so delicious packaged in green containers. This shade of turquoise is just about the ‘color-wheel opposite’ of pink― playing up a healthy blush in the skin, regardless of your complexion tone. Both light and dark, warm or cool skin tones have underlying or obvious shades of pink. That is why this color is universally flattering. Furthermore, this color is also versatile, it works for three of the four seasons and can be paired with all neutrals, black, brown, khaki, white and of course jeans.

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What’s your favorite universally flattering color?


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Colors that Work