Coffee & Colon Cancer in Women

By on August 1, 2011

By Dr. Partrica Raymond –

Alice rolled her small pin-point eyes when Wally, her despised coworker, strolled up to pour a cup of coffee from the office pot.

Through glasses crafted to peripherally spot their pointy-haired boss, he noted the chiding shake of her triangle-shaped hair.

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You know, Alice, you’re too high strung. Angry all the time. All that gets you is an early grave.”

You think so,” she replied as she tapped powered dairy supplement into her steaming java. “Did you read that study from Tokyo’s National Cancer Center?” At his half-interested headshake, she furthered with: “They studied the effects of coffee on men and women. For women, three or more cups of coffee halved the risk of colon cancer. For men, it had no effect. And given the fact we both drink three pots between us, I’ll live for years while you’re cooling in your grave.” Her smile contained neither warmth nor humor.

Then again,” he observed, “since the evil director of human resources just cut our pensions, the years you live beyond mine will be spent here. And since my time is pastoral, and yours hectic, I’ll still be better off.” He turned and strolled off. “In the short term, that is.”

Alice watched him go, steam emitting from her ears. Then she stormed off to find the intern. Nothing cheered her more than roughing him up.

Gastroenterologist Patricia Raymond takes medicine seriously . . . and herself lightly. The founder of Your Health Choice and Rx For Sanity, known nationally as ‘The Divine Ms. Butt Meddler’ for her efforts to reduce the screening colonoscopy ‘ick’ factor, her speeches, articles, book, and broadcasts humorously help folks make the small choices that lead to big health. Websites:,,,

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Coffee & Colon Cancer in Women