How To Know What Clothes Not To Wear & Keep In Your Closet

By Scarelett De Bease –

Do you ever wonder how to know what clothes not to wear & keep in your closet?

Sometimes all we need to do is be honest with ourselves when evaluating our clothes.

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Pick about 10 items from your closet and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you feel when you wear it? Attractive or insecure?
  • Does it accentuate or diminish a part of your body you wish was smaller?
  • Is it in poor condition? Stains, holes, or missing buttons?
  • Do you feel frumpy or fabulous when you wear it?
  • Can you eat anything while wearing it? Know that feeling?

If the clothes don’t flatter you or should not be worn, then why hold on to them?

Go on, just take 30 minutes to analyze those questionable pieces, and you will be on your way to having a closet that will offer you many choices and not chaos.

“I loved our Nordstroms shopping trip! So many new choices now in my closet. Thank you again for your guidance and great choices!”
— Jamie C, New Canaan CT


Scarlett is a professional Image Consultant and the founder of The always Know What To Wear System. For over 6 years, she has successfully changed the lives of many women, by showing them the correct clothes, colors, styles and accessories that will flatter them the most. If you keep buying clothes and still have nothing to wear, Scarlett will make it possible for you to always know what to wear. You can find her at:

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How To Know What Clothes Not To Wear & Keep In Your Closet
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