Are Your Clothes Making You Look Fat?

By on March 23, 2012

If you are wearing clothes that pinch, bind, ride up or are loose then your clothes are probably making you look fat. Clothes that don’t fit well are not flattering and tend to create a look of added weight.

Since most of us don’t have a private tailor and we shop off-the-rack, we are buying styles that are mass produced and do not take our individual needs into account. The truth is, “ready to wear “is not usually ready to wear. If you have trouble getting your clothes to fit perfectly, don’t worry, you are in great company. Most women do not fit the standard size; which means most of what they buy needs some tweaking. The only way to ensure a good fit is to know what makes a good fit and to have your clothes tailored when they don’t fit well.

Contrary to what you might believe, having your clothes tailored will save you money (not to mention how great you’ll look) because you will no longer buy clothes you don’t wear.

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Here are some guidelines to ensure a proper fit:

Shirts: Your sleeve length should reach the ¼ to ½ inches beyond the wristbone and the neckline should fit around the base of the neck without, wrinkling or pulling.

Pants: There should be enough room at the waistband to fit 2 fingers and you should be a little extra fabric at the fullest part of the hips. The crotch should be comfortable and not ‘ride up’ and there shouldn’t be any creases across the hip area. The hemline should hit the top of the shoe.

Skirts: The skirt should fall straight and be parallel to the floor; pleats and vents should fall flat.

Jackets: They should lay flat without puckering and should not gap when buttoned. The jacket sleeve should reach to the wristbone.

How do your clothes fit? Do you feel uncomfortable in your clothes because they pinch, bind and ride up? Or do you wear your clothes so loose they feel like you are still in your PJs? If you find yourself tugging on hems, pulling on straps or moving something back into place then what you’re wearing doesn’t fit.

Now that you have some guidelines to follow your next step is to know the exact linear measurements that are uniquely yours that will tell you your best lengths in skirts, sleeves, necklines and pants. The Fashion Fit Formula can do that for you. Fill out the Need Help form and we’ll get started.


Originally posted on Women In Style.

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Are Your Clothes Making You Look Fat?