Chicken and Roasted Potato Salad

By on June 20, 2013

More fun with leftover chicken. I shared with you last week that I had roasted some chicken for our church anniversary – I roasted six whole chickens and came home with enough left over for two or three meals for the two of us. Last week I made Roasted Potatoes and Buffalo Chicken Casserole – Dearest loved this.

A few days later, I made Chicken and Roasted Potato Salad. We love combining hot, roasted potatoes with our salad – it becomes a complete meal.

Does your husband not like ‘leftovers?’ Mine sure doesn’t, so I try to be creative in using ‘leftovers’ so that they don’t resemble the first meal. Just gotta love that man of mine!

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Click here for recipe!

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Chicken and Roasted Potato Salad