How to Change Your Career Later in Life

By on July 8, 2021
change your career

You may be feeling as though you are in a career rut and are looking for a change. No matter your current job or level of experience, there are plenty of ways to continue learning and developing your skills throughout your life, and this can take you in unexpected directions. From becoming a nurse to starting your own business, if you change your career in later life can give you a great level of job satisfaction, more experienced, and the opportunity to build upon skills and qualifications you already have. Here are just a few tips and ways that you could change your career later in your life.

Online Courses

The internet is a brilliant resource when it comes to exploring your options and furthering your skills, qualifications, and education. You can choose from so many different courses or training options, from short evening courses to full degrees. Online courses have numerous benefits, from helping you save money to making education more accessible if you cannot attend in person, and with the huge range of courses available, you will be able to find something that works for you. 

Learn something new

You can study an online course in something completely new and different. This is a great way to test out the subject before committing to any expensive, full-time courses. Adding new skills to your resume is a good way to develop both personally and professionally, especially if a job role requires certain skills or qualifications. It is always important to check requirements and ensure that you are eligible for the roles or career paths you are interested in, and online courses are a great way to flexible meet criteria. Many online courses are designed to be completed alongside your other commitments, such as your existing job or family life, and therefore make the learning process more accessible and achievable. 

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Build on your skills

Another way to change your career later in life is to build upon the skills, qualifications, and experiences you already have. If you already hold a degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s in a subject, you may be eligible for conversion courses or accelerated pathway degrees. One example could be the MENP, which is a master’s entry in nursing practice program that is designed for those who have a bachelor’s in a non-nursing subject but want to work as a nurse. This course will prepare you to take your licensing exams in around 20 months and is a full-time course that is taught online, with in-person practical residencies and clinical hours. Courses like these are a great way to move your career in another direction at a faster pace than you would if you were starting completely from scratch. 


You don’t have to study a course in a specific subject, as there are valuable skills that you can learn that are transferrable and applicable in any career or workplace. Soft skills are personal, non-technical skills that are sought after by employers, look great on a resume, and can help your application stand out. They also show that you will be a good addition to the workplace. Soft skills include:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Self-motivation

These skills are gained through learning and experience, and you may find you already have many of them. However, they can constantly be developed. You will need to learn how to apply them in different scenarios and workplaces; therefore, updating and refreshing your soft skills can be very beneficial. If you know you want a change in your career path, but aren’t quite sure of the direction in which you want to go, then preparing by making sure your personal and professional skills are up to date and developed is a good way to ensure you are ready when your dream role does come along.

Start your own business

If you have always dreamed of a certain career, or have a passion that you want to make your job, then starting your own business is a great way to gain ultimate career satisfaction. Whatever your level of experience or previous qualifications, you will be able to find plenty of help, support and courses online that will cover many of the areas of running a business. These can include marketing, finance, leadership, and management, and although it can be challenging, starting a business and running it properly can also be very rewarding. There are many factors to consider, such as your social media and online presence, staff, organization, networking, and location, and there are many courses to provide you with the skills and support to understand what is involved in starting a business.

Just for fun

Even if you do not want to change your career, there are plenty of ways to learn and study purely for fun. Expanding your knowledge and skillset is always a good idea, whether this is to develop professionally or just to explore new interests or hobbies. It can also help you meet like-minded people and network with those who share interests. There are many benefits to developing your skills or education, such as being able to deepen your knowledge in a certain area, increase job opportunities, meet new people, network, and gain access to opportunities that you may otherwise not be able to take part in. It is important to have hobbies and ways to use your spare time that you enjoy and that relaxes you, and whether you partake in these in person or through online courses and distance learning, there are plenty of hobbies and activities to choose from. 

Changing your career at any point in your life can be a daunting prospect, but it can help you broaden your horizons and increase your job satisfaction in the long run. Whether you choose to move into a completely different industry, start your own business or advance within your current industry, there are many ways in which you can start to move your career in another direction.

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How to Change Your Career Later in Life