Summer Camping Checklist for Unforgettable Camping Experience

By on September 13, 2021

With the summer season approaching, lots of folks start thinking about holidays. And as the weather allows it during summer much more than during other seasons, they think of camping. Of course, it’s possible to have a great camping adventure even in a colder season with a cold weather tent with stove but the truth is that the common association with camping is summer.

Camping is often associated with the baked marshmallows at the campfire in the circle of friends and family and great hiking or cycling trips to discover the outdoors. But next to those pleasant moments and mere spending the nights outdoors, summer camping is also about the overall experience.

For people just discovering camping, the number of supplies which should be packed might look overwhelming. However, there is no reason to panic as lots of camping supplies can be found in any household.

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Should certain camping gear items be missing, it’s possible to check out a camping gear store like Some shops offer rental options next to the purchasing one, so it might be that a tent or a camp stove can be hired from an outdoor shop in the vicinity. Additionally, some friends who also adore and perhaps are more experienced with camping might borrow some of the camping essentials which might save one some money. Of course, once people get into camping and develop an addiction to it, they start investing in outdoor gear to get an impeccable travel experience.

Summer camping gear can be divided into several categories such as materials for sleeping, clothes, kitchen utensils, supplies for campfires, and miscellaneous accessories.

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Sleeping Gear

This category is probably the main one considering that quality sleep determines the overall mood and hence ambiance during camping. In order to become camping adept or just rest well, one should secure proper sleep. An inconvenient and interrupted night rest isn’t fun and can even lead to breaking a trip. So it’s important to foresee appropriate gear for the proper comfortable rest.

Sleeping gear includes the following items:

  • proper tent selected according to the season (tent set should include poles, stakes, the very tent body as well as a rain fly and ground cloth);
  • appropriate sleeping bag (again, picked in accordance with weather, potentially with in liners for extra warmth);
  • sleeping pad or mattress;
  • comfy pillow;
  • eye mask and earplugs for extra comfort.


The next category is dedicated to clothes and shoes. It goes without saying that the wardrobe is determined by the weather, location, and the activities that are planned. For most people that go camping and some walking, it would be enough to make clothing for a weekend outdoors.

The wardrobe might include the following items:

  • 2 T-Shirts (with long and short sleeves);
  • 2 pairs of pants or a combination of pants and shorts;
  • 3 pairs of socks;
  • Underwear;
  • Sleeping clothes;
  • Warm or rain jacket;
  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes for walking;
  • Comfortable change shoes for near the tent;
  • Water sandals or shoes;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Hat or pet;
  • Winter hat and gloves for when it gets cold at night or early morning.

Kitchen Utensils

This category is the must not to get hungry while camping. In order to prepare meals during camping, it’s recommended to have a suitable full fledged kitchen set. It’s certainly not fun to find out that there is no can opener in the vicinity when cooking some dish with beans or canned meat. The same goes for corkscrewer without which it would be challenging to enjoy the favorite wine. In fact, most of the things on this list can be found in each kitchen. A great idea would be to collect them all according to it.

  • Cooking pot and a corresponding lid;
  • Bowls and plates (one per person);
  • Cutlery (forks, knifes, and spoons – one per person);
  • Knife for cutting;
  • Chopping board;
  • Mug for each person;
  • Gadget to prepare coffee and tea;
  • Peeler for vegetables;
  • Can opener;
  • Wine key;
  • Biodegradable dish soap;
  • Sponge;
  • Kitchen towel.

Additionally, some useful items include a camp stove, lighter or matches, and a bowl to do the dishes.

Useful Accessories for Camping

This category refers to the small yet useful objects which will facilitate a camping stay and make it safer and more pleasant. 

On the list of those items, there are:

  • Well-functioning headlamp or flashlight (important thing is to check their batteries or charge);
  • Additional batteries;
  • First aid kit;
  • Sunscreen and aftersun;
  • Anti Mosquito spray;
  • Comfy camping chair;
  • WC paper;
  • Favorite board games, cards, or some leisure activity set;
  • Charger for a smartphone and camera.

Campfire Items

Undoubtedly, a campfire is one of the first things that come to mind when one talks about camping. For some folks, camping hasn’t even taken place if they didn’t manage to start a fire and sit next to it observing the tongues of the flame. If the campground rules allow making a fire, it’s very useful to have the following items in order to start the fire and enjoy observing it. 

  • Old newspaper or just some paper;
  • Lighter or matches;
  • Marshmallows and sticks to roast them;
  • Bucket or bowl to douse the fire;
  • Firewood (in most cases, it can be purchased on spot, but better to check with the campground).

Depending on the particular situation or personal taste and needs, more things can be added to fully enjoy the outdoors.

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Summer Camping Checklist for Unforgettable Camping Experience