What Is Burial Expense Life Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

By on April 12, 2019

When a loved one passes away, most families are faced with the cost associated with arranging a funeral. There are guests to feed, bills to pay, an expense for someone to transport the body, and time off of work to make final arrangements. Usually, it is tough for seniors to save much money for these things, and it can be a major financial hardship for most families with a middle-class income. Because of this, the need for burial expense life insurance is beneficial for many.

Funeral insurance is merely an insurance policy created to take care of your burial expenses.

How Burial Expense Insurance Works

Final expenses insurance intends to take all burdens off of your loved ones when you pass away. The cost of a burial can be extremely expensive. The cost is in the several thousands of dollars. If you have a family not loaded with cash sitting around, this is a helpful policy for them. When you pass away, the insurance company will begin the claims process and pass along a check for your family or loved ones to use for the expenses of your burial.

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Burial insurance does not cover all the expenses of a death. It simply covers the cost of the funeral expenses only and no additional costs.


There are a couple of alternative options when it comes to a burial policy. If you are under the age of 85 and suffer no major medical problems, the process of applying is simple. There is a level plan policy and a modified, sometimes called graded, plan policy.

The level plan remains the same for the life of the policy, and there is no waiting period before cashing out. In most cases, simply answering 20 questions is all that is needed to qualify for the policy. The level plan has a very competitive price.

The modified plan is intended for those with major health conditions who are unable to get the level plan. They are costlier, and the benefit payout is gradual. Opposite of the level plan, this plan offers a percentage of the death payout that increases the first few years.

Most burial policies are purchased in the range of $5,000 to $25,000. Some companies offer a much higher payout. Because the payout is not large, the premium is not high.

Why You Should Get a Burial Policy

There are many advantages of having a burial policy.

  • The family does not have to focus on the financial cost of the funeral.
  • There is no required medical exam to qualify for the coverage.
  • No lab, urine, or blood tests are necessary.
  • From the day of issue, a payout is possible.
  • There is peace of mind realizing that no one is burdened because you have passed.

An end of life insurance might present your family with a solution to pay for your final expenses. If you feel your family will suffer a financial burden at the time of your death, you should get funeral insurance coverage.


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What Is Burial Expense Life Insurance and Why Do I Need It?