Bringing Back the Joy of Dressing … Fashion for Midlife Women

By on July 7, 2022
midlife women

I have been a passionate fashionista since I was five years old. I even remember my first fashion thrill: a purple Chanel-style tweed jacket with a matching skirt. That outfit still gives me a spark of pleasure whenever I think of it. 

While my love of design led me into the arts, it was a fascination with technology that led me into a career in electrical engineering. But I never forgot my first love that managed to entertain my engineering colleagues with my stylish clothing and scarfs found on my many shopping trips across the globe. 

Finally, in mid-life, I have come home. I am now a fashion entrepreneur. Along with my co-founder, we have created a fashion brand focusing on midlife women: VNV. The heart of VNV is providing fashion that elevates the spirit, beauty, and style of midlife women.

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Midlife Women

midlife womenAs we age, we are aware that both our bodies and our style preferences change. But we are still living vibrant lives – working, playing, volunteering, traveling, and more. Our desire to look fashionable, put together, and dress the way that makes us feel confident has not gone away. 

Women over the age of 40 are over 70 million strong and spend over $73B on clothing annually. Yet, despite being the demographic with the largest disposable income, we are practically invisible and ignored when it comes to fashion brands and retailers, taking a back seat to Millennials and GenZ. 

VNV is changing that. The VNV mission is to address the fashion needs of modern midlife women. We want to bring back her joy in fashion by bringing her clothing that fits her style and body preferences and – if desired – encourages her to be adventurous yet confident in her clothing choices. Our goal is for our community to look and feel terrific anywhere life takes her. 

midlife womenMoreover, despite our body and style preferences changing, we do not want to dress like we are 20. We also don’t want to wear frumpy clothing designed to cover us up in a bag, nor do we want cropped tops suitable for our daughters or granddaughters. 

Our curated, multi-brand fashion platform was created to assist women in discovering clothing that fits the way they like and makes them feel great. Stylish tops that don’t hug the middle but are still fun, sexy and on trend. Dresses that are “just the right” length. Pants that are current 

but offer the right amount of spandex or are thoughtfully designed for the waist and belly, or bathing suits whose straps don’t pinch but are oh so flattering. 

In designing our site, VNV went to the source and surveyed 400+ midlife women. You told us that you had three major fashion pain points – discovery, style, and fit – and so this is what we went out to solve:


At our core, we are a technology-based platform with the goal of helping you discover what you want when you want it, and fast. 


In between is our sweet spot. We strive to be current and help translate what’s “in,” while also being timeless and thoughtful about the lifestyle and event needs of midlife women. 


Select clothing designed for you and help you find what fits through thoughtful descriptions, models of different shapes and sizes, and technology. 

midlife womenAt its core, VNV is a mission-based company grounded in creating a community for women to be seen and celebrated. Our goal is to bring back the joy in dressing and inspire women of all ages to look as great on the outside as we feel on the inside! 

I invite you to head over to our site, VNV. And please let us know what you think! 

About the Author 

Janice Ozguc is an art historian, turned engineer, turned high tech startup maven and now fashion entrepreneur. Having loved fashion from the time she was a child as she approached midlife, she decided to merge aspects of her varied career to co-found her latest startup, VNV. VNV is a curated, online fashion platform for the modern, midlife woman. Understanding that even though the midlife woman’s body and clothing preferences have changed, their desire to dress on-trend and fashionably has not changed. Recognizing that the midlife woman has taken a back seat to Millennials and GenZ, Janice and her co-founder made it a mission to make this woman be seen, be confident, and express her personality and self through the lens of fashion. The goal of VNV is to become the “go-to fashion site” for the midlife woman!

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Bringing Back the Joy of Dressing … Fashion for Midlife Women