Why You Should Get New Bras and How To Care For Them

By on June 15, 2012

By Scarlett De Bease –

What was she thinking????

Need A Lift? You just might, so here is why you should get new bras and what you need to do to care for them.

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Did you know that when you are wearing poor fitting and old bras you most probably look older than you are or feel? Who wants that?

Remember what Grandma used to look like when she was wearing the wrong bra or shudders, no bra at all? Now, you don’t want that to ever be you. Not sure what look Drew Barrymore was going for, but my guess this was just a huge mistake.

Without a proper fitting bra, your waistline appears bigger, clothes don’t fit properly, and you look hunched over. None of these seem like desirable options, so please consider finding out if the time has come for you to get new bras.

Have you ever had a professional bra fitting? If not you don’t know what you’re missing! When you discover what size you really are, as chances are you are indeed wearing the wrong size, you will be delighted at how good you and yours can look in the right bra.

If you have gotten well fitting bras, but it has been over a year since you replaced them, then it is probably time to get a new fitting and replace yours. I know they can be very expensive, and it hurts to have to replace them, but odds are that after one year, they are no longer doing the job they were intended to. Keep you up, centered and proud!

Read what Linda The Bra Lady has to say about how long bras really do last, as she is a well respected expert in the field of getting proper fitting bras.

Once you have good bras, read how Good Housekeeping gives the important tips on how to care for them, so that the investment in your bras last as long as possible.

If you feel uncomfortable about going to a store, I did find the company The Uplifting Makeover. They will come to  your home for a personal and private bra fitting as well as sell you the bras you need.

Remember that not only will you look better, you’ll also feel a lot better when you see how uplifting this experience will be.


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Why You Should Get New Bras and How To Care For Them