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By on January 1, 2013

By Becky Redpath –

Did you know that whatever weight you are your basic body shape will always be the same. There are twelve potential body shapes, and it’s the first thing I establish when I visit my clients. This doesn’t require undressing but is simply a matter of taking a simple Body Shape Profiling test.

Once you know your body shape I can then provide you with advice and hints and tips about styles and shapes that suit you best, and those that will least flatter you, and only serve to highlight the areas you would prefer to play down. This also ensures that you avoid costly buying mistakes in the future and if you are shopping for a special occasion will always see you in the perfect outfit for your shape!

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At some moment in our lives we probably all wish we had the physique of Elle Macpherson, But wishing for 34” legs when you are petite with a large bust only serves to sap your confidence and will ensure you feel constantly dissatisfied with your appearance. I love to see the confidence clients gain when they embrace their shape, because confidence seeps from your pores and lights up a room.

When establishing body shape I always stress to clients that when they take the Body Shape Profiling test, they mustn’t compare themselves to someone else, but concentrate only on their own proportions. That might sound obvious but women often focus on the shape they wish they were rather than the one they have! Embracing your shape is key to confident dressing.

There is no doubt that some body shapes are more challenging to dress for, but for those women in particular, following some simple advice and hints and tips, will mean they see and feel the biggest changes.

Serena Williams

Celebrities like the rest of us fall foul of wearing outfits that are completely wrong for their body shape, but equally when they get it right the results are stunning Serena Williams wore a long full feathery gown to The Met Ball in New York which did nothing to flatter her toned athletic physique. The dress would have been much better suited to the petite delicateness of someone like Natalie Portman. However, the pre Wimbledon dinner saw her in a fitted dress that accentuated her fabulous curves. If she’d worn simple platform courts rather than very unflattering ankle straps that shorten and enlarge legs, the look would have been perfect.

Princess Beatrice

Poor Princess Beatrice was much maligned in the press for the Vivienne Westwood ensemble she wore to the Royal wedding, but she looked gorgeous at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, in a red evening dress that showed off her little waist and complimented her dark colouring. At Ascot she wore red again, and the fitted Mad Man inspired dress was perfect for her curvy shape.

Knowing your body shape is key to ensuring you always choose the styles that flatter you most and ensure you avoid those that do nothing for you, and feeling good in your clothes  will have you exuding confidence whatever the occasion.


If you would like some advice on putting together a stylish and practical capsule wardrobe for your profession contact Becky Redpath on the email form on the website:

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If you would like some advice on putting together a stylish and practical capsule wardrobe for your profession contact Becky Redpath on the email form on the website:

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Body Shape Profiling