“Big Body” Be Gone…It’s Time for Change!

By on June 25, 2016
“Big Body” Be Gone…It’s Time for Change!

By Wendie Pett –

Has someone ever said words about your body that hurt? Words that poked at a raw spot in your heart because you want to get fit but just don’t know how to lose weight? Maybe it’s time for a change, read on to learn how.

I spoke with one of my new Walk It Off Now Challenge participants and she mentioned a time when her seven year-old daughter told her she had a “big body”. She knew she was overweight. She told herself that very thing every morning as she looked in the mirror. She criticized herself every day for poor eating choices and for not making the time to exercise. She lamented that she couldn’t make herself a priority while she balanced her marriage, two children, a full time job anwd volunteering at church. She was just tired. Then she beat herself up for making excuses. The negative inner dialog never ended, maybe you can relate.

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Her daughter’s “big body” comment was more than just two words. It was a confirmation of her failure to lose weight.

I knew that I had to speak truth into this woman. I told her that the key to fitness is forgiveness. I encouraged her to stop the negative dialog and forgive herself for not taking care of her body. She needed to forgive her daughter for the childish oversight that her words might hurt. She needed to accept forgiveness from God for the negative self-talk.

That’s right. Talking negatively about yourself is an insult to God. You are God’s child, created in His image, YOU are His most prized possession. The “apple of His eye.” Accepting God’s forgiveness and seeing yourself as He sees you is the key to ending the negative inner dialog.

I am so glad that God brought this woman to my Walk It Off Now challenge. I can’t wait for her to see how easy it is to start taking care of herself.  When she starts seeing results of more energy and releasing weight and the emotions attached to that weight, I know she will be well on her way to a lifetime of making her health and fitness a priority.

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Wendie Pett is a fitness and wellness expert, naturopath, and creator of the Visibly Fit™ exercise and wellness system. She believes that God gave us everything we need to be healthy, whole, and complete (including our body) – we just need to know how to use it. www.wendiepett.com and www.walkitoffnow.com 

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“Big Body” Be Gone…It’s Time for Change!