Your Best Day of the Week

By on March 16, 2015
the best day of the week

By Jane Heacock –

What is your BEST day of the week? If I were to ask you what your best day of the week was, my guess would be Friday. Friday, the day we wish would come sooner rather than later. When Friday arrives we start to think about all the things we are looking forward to for our weekend. All the stress melts away because at the end of the day we are FREE! Free to sleep late, whatever late is in your house, relax with family, spend time with friends, do all those fun things we don’t do Monday through Thursday.

Once Friday afternoon comes we seem to have more energy and perspective on life. Yes we have all those other responsibilities on the weekends, chores, home projects and errands don’t get done by themselves! This goes back to what I have been saying in the past. If you take the time to plan it, list it, delegate what you don’t want or have time to do and take an organized approach on all the demands in life, it REALLY does make life a lot easier, I promise.

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So does this mean that come Sunday night our outlook goes downhill? It’s pretty sad that we only get to enjoy two days out of every week don’t you think?

Now Monday is looking us in the eye because the dreaded work week is upon us. Do you dread Mondays? I get it if you are not a morning person and have kids to get off to school while getting yourself ready for the day and off to work for that 9 a.m. meeting. What is your challenge about the dreaded Monday morning? Let’s be honest, if you sleep later than you should and are not organized then yes, you will have a rough start to the day. I’m not saying you won’t have off days, you are human! Life throws us curve balls so learn roll with it and dust yourself off.

Here’s the thing, Saturday and Sunday’s should not be the only days you get to enjoy life. I can’t imagine going through all 52 weeks in a year and not having some down time and fun during the work week. Your best day of the week can be every day. Make a decision now that you will start a new outlook and Saturday and Sundays will not be your ONLY best days of the week. Just think you could honestly say that Monday through Sunday were all days you enjoy.

By the way, this applies to all you out there that are on the entrepreneurial journey as I am. You may have more flexibility though if you don’t take an organized approach to life Monday through Friday can be pretty grueling.

My suggestions:

•Prepare for your Monday morning on Sunday night.
•Have clothes ironed and ready, have the coffee maker ready to go and lunches prepared.
•Wake up 20 minutes early so you won’t be rushed and will have some time just for you before daily demands start.
•Get out of the office away from your desk during lunch. Don’t sit there and continue to work. This applies to business owners also, that are so driven with business goals that you don’t take a lunch break! I myself have been guilty of this. Go for a walk, have lunch with a friend or co-worker, read a few chapters of your favorite book. The point is GET OUT, change the scenery.
•At least one day during the work week have dinner prepared ahead so you can have some down time after work for whatever you WISH.

Why wish your week away by saying “I wish every day were a Friday”. Why not put something in EVERY day so that when the weekend does arrive it is just an added bonus by having lots more hours to yourself.



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Your Best Day of the Week