Just When You Think You are the Bee’s Knees…

By on October 26, 2012

It’s official. I’m old.

Owie…it happened overnight. I took my sweet little grand-daughters to church, knelt down to pick up something and BAM!!!!!

Who knew that osteoarthritis would be at church!! It was waiting for me at church!!! What the heck?!! I couldn’t stand back up without making a horrible looking face and an equally horrifying sound… it sounded like an exorcism was happening in the back of the gift shop.

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It seems that arthritis is going to get most of us… sooner or later. What is osteoarthritis? It is the painful result of cartilage breakdown.

On Monday I hobbled to the doctor to get an x-ray and that is when he gave me the news. Yep, I had stiffness, tenderness, warmth and swelling around my joints. These knees were popping and cracking like a bag of popcorn in a microwave.

The doctor decided to have an x-ray made of my lower back also… yes… it’s there also. Thanks for asking.

Now what? Basically, if the joints are swollen, the doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatories such as Advil, Aleve or Motrin. Heat for stiffness and cold packs for swelling. He told me that unless the pain was very severe, I should keep moving. I need to keep those joints lubricated.

Then I came across this… a new word that I had not heard or experienced.

KNINKLES….(knee wrinkles) Turns out, most of us will get these too… (unless you do what I have done for years and use a “neck” wrinkle cream on your legs… Neck creams are much thicker and YES… I DON’T HAVE KNINKLES!!! For more serious kninkles, check out Thermage or consider a ‘thigh’ tuck… or just wear pants.)

Here are a few “famous” Kninkles…(via)

So… what’s my take on this new arthritic me?? Well… I wouldn’t trade my smooth ‘old’ knees for ANY of these celebrity knees… and my hubby? Yep… he STILL thinks I’m the bee’s knees!!!!


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Just When You Think You are the Bee’s Knees…