Becoming a Nurse: It’s Never Too Late

By on April 15, 2019

The job market is constantly in flux; however, nurses remain a constant need. The field of nursing is dynamic and exciting. As a nurse, you have the opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives by providing quality medical care and emotional support. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. The need for nurses is expected to significantly increase over the next five years. In particular, hospitals and medical centers will need nurses with advanced degrees. Nursing is a great career path due to job security, continuing education, and advancement opportunities.

Becoming a nurse requires going through an educational program and receiving a degree. Once you have acquired a nursing degree there is plenty of room for growth and advancement in this flexible field. Nurses can remain at the RN (registered nurse)  level or continue their education and specialize in a large range of fields. A Grand Canyon University nursing education or other nursing program is a great option for pursuing an advanced nursing degree.

What is a Registered Nurse?

A registered nurse (RN) is a nurse that has a nursing diploma or associates degree and has passed the required exams and licensing requirements. A nursing diploma or associates program provides RNs with the minimum education requirements to perform their duties; however, many employers and leading thinkers in the healthcare industry are encouraging registered nurses to continue their education and gain a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN). Many nursing schools, such as Grand Canyon University Nursing offer accelerated programs for RNs to gain a BSN. Pursuing a BSN is a great way to advance your career and has many benefits.

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Job Security

One of the greatest benefits of pursuing a BSN is job security. Due to a higher level of education, nurses that hold a BSN will be the first choice for many employers. This allows nurses with a BSN to have a lot of freedom in choosing where to work. The need for nurses continues to increase across the country; in the next six years, the job opportunities available to nurses is expected to increase by 15%. Nurses that hold a BSN will enjoy getting to work in their first choice locations.

Career Flexibility and Advancement

Nursing is one of the friendliest fields for advancement and career growth. If you choose to pursue a higher level of education, the doors are endless and the paths are aplenty. Once you have a BSN, the pathway to specialization is much easier. Nurses can choose from over 90 specializations including informatics, trauma, geriatrics, and many more. Specialization is a great way to focus in on what you love and increase the rewarding element of your job.

Continued Learning

Nursing is a field for people who love learning. Being a nurse requires continued learning courses and a passion for pursuing your education. Because the field of nursing is constantly advancing, nurses must keep up to date with current practices and technological breakthroughs. If you love to learn, you will enjoy the many opportunities for continued learning that nursing offers. With a BSN, you will have additional tools in your pocket that will aid your learning process.

Nursing is a Rewarding Career

A career in nursing is extremely rewarding. Every day you are an active part of someone’s journey to recovery. The more advanced your education, the greater impact you get to have on your patient’s lives. Beginning your nursing career with an AS degree is a great place to start, and a BSN puts you on an accelerated track for advancement.

Pursuing a career in nursing is a great choice for people who love learning and love to help others. It’s never too late to begin your career as a nurse.


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Becoming a Nurse: It’s Never Too Late