Because You’re Worth It

By on January 6, 2014

By Scarlett De Bease −

L’Oreal had it right when they started reminding women back in 1973 that they were worthy of taking good care of themselves.

So, why do so many women do and give more to their family, friends, and even our pets, than we give to ourselves?

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Has this happened to you?

Your daughter or granddaughter wants you to buy her bras and panties at Victoria Secret, and you are buying yours at Kohls or Target?

Of course, this is assuming you have even bothered buying yourself new lingerie within the past 5 years!


Your daughter or granddaughter wants exercise clothes from the, watch out if your thighs are too big, and expensive Lululemon, while you have been wearing the same leggings and T-Shirts for years. Even worse, you might actually work out, while the youngster is just looking to strut her stuff, which is perfect by the way without a single squat or sit-up. Oh the injustice, but I digress.

Recently a client told me she had her wakeup call, when she realized her barely a teenager, daughter had better workout clothes than she did and I was the woman many years ago when, who after having spent a fortune at Victoria Secret for my ‘budding’ daughter, realized that the scales of self-care, were tipping in the wrong direction. Something inside of me snapped, and I marched myself into a lingerie boutique to treat myself to higher quality and better fitting bras simply because I am worth it!

Here’s the problem with doing more for others than for us. We are unwittingly making ourselves unhappy by lowering our self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is not selfish to acknowledge you are worth the trouble or expense of self-care. On the contrary it is smart and helpful, as you are teaching your children and spouses that you are important and not insignificant.

If you find often denying yourself a decent haircut, coloring, a manicure, new clothes or even a vacation so you can give more to others, then you are actually giving less as you are diminishing yourself. When we become smaller we have less to give from our hearts and that is really the only place we have so much to give and share.

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You Still Got It!

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Because You’re Worth It