Hello Beautiful!

By on June 27, 2011

By Susie Galvez –

Hello Beautiful!

Don’t you just love hearing that? I don’t think that there is a woman alive who doesn’t like hearing those two words spoken about her. In fact, all women can be truly beautiful – but you have to do your part.

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As an esthetician, makeup artist, day spa founder, and author of nine books on beauty and lifestyle, I am surrounded by women who are searching for eternal beauty. In most cases, they already are beautiful. My job is to help them see that. With a little dab of this and few drops of that, my clients soon see what I see…a confident, self-assured woman looking back at them in the mirror. This success happens in stages and by following the rule of 3.

Rule #1 Make the effort to trust your mirror.

Instead of searching for extra wrinkles and crinkles, notice how beautiful your eyes are. Enjoy the outline of your lips. See how your face lights up when you smile. Learn to compliment yourself.

Rule #2 Keep it simple.

Throw out all of the “stuff” you’ve bought because some TV star swore by it. Toss all of the dried up, broken, held together by a rubber band products billowing out of your makeup bag or drawer. What in the world are you saving them for? Surround yourself with new, pretty, and designed for you colors. Enjoy the art of making up.

Rule #3 Don’t act your age!

Learn to possess the trait of agelessness. Create a timeless signature look. The look that get compliments like “Wow, you look great!” Not “I love your handbag.”

Setting the stage: Fabulous fifties, sensational sixties and beyond, all offer great stages to put your best face forward. It’s only natural for your skin to change as you get older – which means that your skincare and use of cosmetics should change too. Here are some easy tips and techniques to keep you looking your most beautiful best!

  • Take advantage of your well-defined tastes. Play up your assets. Enjoy the fact that finally, you are comfortable with who you are.
  • Skin becomes thinner. A good regimen of age-defying skincare products will help keep skin hydrated and smooth, lessen those pesky little crinkles and annoying wrinkles.
  • And although most sun damage is acquired before the age of 18 – who knew? A sun protection product is very important to keep the sunspots, age spots, and wrinkles at bay.
  • Watch for color changes and uneven skin tone. A good concealer can help conceal what you don’t want to reveal.
  • For flawless foundation use a sponge to blend, especially around the hairline, temples, cheeks, and chin. If your skin is on the dry side, foundation with added moisturizers will keep skin looking moist and dewy.
  • The most youthful and flattering blush color is a natural shade of pink. As we age, our fat pads in the cheek area diminishes, pulling the face downward. Adding blush with pink tones illuminates the cheeks and draws the eye upward.
  • Keep eye makeup elegant rather than dramatic. Subtle shades and matte colors are best to showcase your eyes – with or without glasses.
  • Now to finish your fabulously, sensational look – simply add a dash of your favorite lipcolor, smile and enjoy your beauty!


Susie Galvez is an international image consultant, speaker, author, beauty industry expert and radio co-host for “Girlfriend We Gotta Talk!”  For more, visit www.susiegalvez.com


About Susie Galvez

Armed with quick wit, years of professional experience and more get-pretty tips than a beauty pageant coordinator, Susie Galvez is an internationally-known beauty expert and a leading consultant in the spa industry. The founder of a day spa in Richmond, VA, Susie is an esthetician, makeup artist, cosmetic product formulator, and author of 9 internationally launched books on beauty and lifestyle. Susie is a frequent speaker at international spa conventions and has been featured on radio and TV programs around the nation, as well as in publications such as Allure, Elle, Good Housekeeping, Fitness, Self, Oxygen, Woman's World, Health, Boomer Life, as well as several international publications such as The London Times, among others. Inspired by the thrill she gets from helping women rediscover their beauty on a daily basis, Susie is dedicated to giving women tools to help them accept themselves and realize that each day is another chance to be beautiful! She also is the Co-Host of "Girlfriend We Gotta Talk!" Radio show on Richmond's WLEE 990 AM Talk Radio, each Sunday at 3 PM EST. Susie is a member of Cosmetic Executive Women; Society of Cosmetic Chemists; National Association of Female Executives; Network of Enterprising Women; National Speakers Association; American Business Women's Association; American Pen Women and National Association of Women Business Owners.

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Hello Beautiful!