Beatitudes: Lesson 3

By on November 11, 2011

By Deborah Bateman –

Matthew 5:7-8
Blessed [are] the merciful:
For they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed [are] the pure in heart:
For they shall see God.

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This is the third lesson of the Beatitudes series. We are going to look at Matthew 5:7-8

If you have been following the series you will remember that this is Jesus speaking, because the Beatitudes is part of His Sermon on the Mount. In verse five He says,”Blessed are the merciful.” What does the word mercy mean?

Some of the words that describe the word mercy are compassion, forgiveness, and kindness. A few more words we might think about when we say the word mercy is pity, sympathy, and understanding. People who are merciful reach out and help those who are in need. They forgive others when they have wronged them. They show kindness to other people. They try to understand others. They show sympathy for those who are hurting. He says those who are merciful, will attain mercy. If we want to receive mercy, we have to be merciful to others. This reminds me of the saying, what you sow you will reap.

In verse eight Jesus says, “Blessed are the pure in heart.” What does the word pure mean? Some words that describe the word pure are clean, wholesome, and honest. Jesus says those who are pure in heat will see God. It should be motivation enough for us to try to be pure in heart, but we all know it is not something we can do on our own.

When He says they will see God, it speaks of a close intimate relationship with God. An intimate relationship with God should be more motivation for us to be pure in heart, than the fear of the consequences of not being pure in heart.

Things to reflect on:
Do the words we used to describe mercy describe you?
Are there any areas you need to ask God for help?
Do you have a pure heart?
Have you accepted God into your heart and life?
Would you say you have a close relationship with him?


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Beatitudes: Lesson 3