Are You Worth It?

By on April 20, 2016

By Kathy Brunner−

Are you an ENCOREPRENEUR? You are if you have started your business after the age of 40. Well, that might not be the “Webster” definition of “Encorepreneur”  but it is what I call those who take the bold leap of faith in the second half of their lives sometimes to fulfill a dream, sometimes to move from exchanging dollars for hours in a typical working environment and sometimes…just because.

Regardless of what the reasons, working with Encorepreneurs, I know they spend countless hours developing a viable business, pouring endless resources into improvements, advertising, marketing, and every other aspect that will help them offer a credible and sound product or service. Yet many entrepreneurs are reluctant to spend money on improving themselves. I talk with business owners regularly who will budget for everything from website design to office furniture and yet they might not see spending money on working with a coach, attending conferences or registering for additional training as necessary in their budget.

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Nearly a decade years ago, I sat in a conference for entrepreneurs and was asked if I thought I was worth what it would cost me to improve as a business owner. While I thought it was an unusual question at the time, I realize how important it is for every entrepreneur to ask that question regularly.

So, do you think YOU’RE WORTH IT?

Dan Sullivan is one of the top coaches in Canada. Since the late 1980’s he has shared his wisdom regarding business development, ambition and strategy. Do you know WHO Dan Sullivan’s clients are? Many are coaches and business owners who make 6 and 7 figure incomes! So, why would a successful entrepreneur making that kind of money need a coach?

Because every serious entrepreneur knows there is a continuous need to improve, stay current and develop new strategies as a business owner. Success is never guaranteed but when you want to maximize the outcome of your hard work, learning the techniques that will improve your opportunities for success is not lost on these individuals already earning a significantly high income. They are dedicated to continuously improving as an entrepreneur.

If successful entrepreneurs seek advice from coaches, why would anyone growing a business not want to do the same?

THE ENCOREThat’s why if you are an Encorepreneur, you must ask “Am I Worth It?”

Are you worth investing in yourself and putting the same skin in the game for your growth as an entrepreneur as much as you believe your location, product or advertising is worth putting skin into?  Having a beautiful office to meet clients or a top of the line website to draw customers can be essential to business success but having a system to grow as an entrepreneur is even more critical.

BECAUSE, No business will ever become more successful than the entrepreneur at its helm.

When you are pouring funding into your practice, employees, materials, marketing, what have you budgeted for YOU?

ARE YOU WORTH taking classes, attending a conference, or seeking out a coach?

Do you set aside funds to grow as an entrepreneur and not just to grow your business? If you don’t think you are worth it, how are you going to convince your clients and customers your business is worth it?

That disconnect might just be the difference between making a few thousand and making a few million.

So now, do you think YOU’RE WORTH IT?
Because if entrepreneurs making 7 figures think a coach is critical, I would say they are on to something. Growing your business without growing yourself is like planting a garden and forgetting to water it. Take the time to put a price on your own worth and not just the value of your products and services. It will make you a better ENCOREPRENEUR.

Kathy Brunner is a career and business coach who helps Encorepreneurs move from Day Job to Dream Job and grow a thriving business. See what she can do to help you at

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Are You Worth It?