Do You Know Who You Are? Embracing the Power, Privileges and Position We Have as God’s Girls

Do you know who you are? As women we juggle many roles and our roles may change depending on the season we’re in. But I want us to look at who we are as God’s girls and the power, privileges and position that are ours as daughters of the King.

  • Power – The same power that rose Jesus from the dead resides in us through the power of the holy spirit. The Bible says that if we have faith as a mustard seed we’ll be able to move mountains. Those mountains could be in relationships, finances, marriages or in parenting. We need to live in the confidence and the assurance that we have the power to impact not only our own lives but the lives of those around us! This doesn’t happen on our own or through ourselves, but from spending time with God each day in prayer and reading His holy Word. We simply won’t be as effective (or as powerful) without it.
  • Privileges – We are royalty! We are children of the King of the universe. He has adopted us into His family and we are His forever. Are we acting like royalty? Does our talk, walk and dress exemplify our royal position? Can people see that we’re not the typical secular woman, but that we’re clearly different inside and out? If we never spoke a word would those in our sphere realize that we exhibit Christ like joy and security? I know I fail in this often, but the desire of my heart and my responsibility as God’s royalty is to shine brilliantly for Him.
  • Position – Our position is the foundation for both the power and privileges we have. We are princesses of God and no matter what we face; whether it’s pain from the past or fears of the future, our position is secure. We can boldly face each day with the assurance that God has our hand in His and He will take care of every need.

So today thrive in the power, privileges and position you have as a daughter of the King most high. Walk with certainty in the purpose He has for you and shine in your sphere of influence. God adores His girls and He will never let you go!


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Do You Know Who You Are? Embracing the Power, Privileges and Position We Have as God’s Girls
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