An Appointed Path

By on February 10, 2013

By Ellie Thompson

When I was a new believer living in Southern California I went through a time of great sorrow in my life. One morning I woke with the Lord speaking into my spirit the following words: “I have put someone in your path to minister to you today.”

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Excited to have heard the Lord so clearly, I quickly dressed and drove to my church, thinking my pastor must be the one the Lord had in mind, but I was wrong. I have learned that God does not need my help to accomplish what He says He will do. That pastor prayed a good prayer, but it was not what the Lord ordered for me that day.

Praying, I began driving aimlessly before going toward San Diego. Often I had driven from Orange County to San Diego to intercede for that city. I decided the Lord had appointed someone to find me wherever I went, since I had no instructions from Him.

Or maybe He would have someone call me, or possibly send an angel, 
or if I stopped somewhere, a stranger would just walk up and say, “Hi, the Lord sent to me to minister to you today.” I kept driving and praying.

When I was near the small city of Escondido, at the spur of the moment I just decided to pull off there, though I had never driven around that city before. I did have one friend, Betsy, who had moved to Escondido but I had no idea how to find her. I thought since I was in Escondido, and if she was in town, I would see if we could have lunch together.

A few months before, I rode with someone else to visit Betsy’s church for a special meeting. As a passenger, I hardly ever pay much attention to how to get somewhere. I’m too busy talking to the other passengers. I could not even remember the name of her church, but still I drove around praying.

I was certain that if I could find her church, someone there would know Betsy. She was not the “hidden” kind of Christian. Betsy had a ministry that went out ahead of large ministries and “set things up” networking and organizing for the speakers to follow, going to cities in the USA.

She always had exciting stories to tell, as she traveled with some of the biggest names in ministry at that time; the ones who had traveling ministries, held seminars, conferences and large meetings. She also worked at their book tables.

Nothing looked familiar, but a thought came that I should find a phone booth and look up names of churches. Perhaps “a bell would ring.”As that thought came I was stopped at a red light. When I looked to my left I was looking right at Betsy’s church.

I went in and asked the secretary if she knew how I could get in touch with Betsy. The secretary began to laugh. She picked up a piece of paper, saying Betsy had recently moved but had just moments before called to give the church her new phone number.

She called Betsy, handed me the phone, and we met for lunch. I did not mention what the Lord had told me that morning, but instead just listened to stories about her travels.

After lunch we said our goodbyes, but as I was getting into my car, she yelled from hers, “Ellie, you don’t have to hurry back to Orange County right now, do you?” My spirit came to attention.

Betsy was headed to the home of a leading prophet known throughout the world. I had heard him when he visited my church in Orange County. I did not even know he lived in Escondido, or for that matter, in California, but honored his ministry.

He had helped to launch worldwide ministries through prophetic words. He gave words from the Lord to kings and leaders of foreign countries as well as to U.S. Presidents. His name was Harald Bredeson.

Needless to say, I was humbled with God’s choice, but you can imagine my delight. The Lord spoke very encouraging words to me that day through that man of God which helped to heal my heart. One of the things he said was “You have been, and are in, and will always be in “the school of the Spirit!” The lessons we learn in that school prove valuable in every situation on our journey. That prophet has gone to be with the Lord but I for one will never forget him. I believe he has already heard God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.

Enter in to the joy of the Lord!”

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An Appointed Path