Animal Prints Do’s and Don’ts

By on May 1, 2012

By Susanna Cha –

Animal prints are an all-time favorite in the fashion world, and they are one trend that just keeps on resurfacing! Being aware of some useful tips and tricks when it comes to wearing animal prints, especially animal print dresses, can help you stay on top of your game.


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  1. Experiment with color. Everyone is sick and tired of seeing the same old colors, such as leopard in black and tan or zebra in black and white. Why not shake things up a little and opt for leopard in pink or zebra in rainbow!
  2. Wear animal print accessories. Nothing is fiercer than animal print accessories. Go wild and try spicing up your look with animal print belts, shoes, or jewelery!
  3. Wear animal print where you want people to look. Animal prints automatically draw the eye. If you are heading out on a hot date then you will want to keep this tip in mind. You can draw attention to your figure by wearing animal print dresses, or if it is your sexy legs you want to show off, then slip on a pair of animal print shoes!
  4. Be conscious of your hair and make-up. Animal prints are often loud enough without the addition of big hair or dramatic make-up. Try to keep your hair and make-up subtle and delicate, as this will complement instead of clash with your print.


  1. Mix your prints. Mixing your animal prints can end up leaving you looking like you have just thrown on whatever you could get your hands on. Instead, add a color pop to a single statement print to enhance the overall look.
  2. Wear animal print head to toe. It is far too over bearing. Classic simple dresses teamed with sexy animal print heels, are always a perfect combination.
  3. Get too sexy. If you are not careful, animal prints can end up looking sleazy. Don’t overdo it by combining sexy fabrics, with sexy cuts, and sexy prints. You don’t want to end up looking cheap.
  4. Get costume-y. With animal prints it can be easy to end up looking costume-y, which quite frankly is never good! Avoid outfits that look like they could be worn to fancy dress parties, and try to stay with stylish, chic, and expensive looking fabrics and prints.

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Animal Prints Do’s and Don’ts